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Military veterans invited to apply for badge

Armed Forces Day (Trafalgar Square)
Andover Armed Forces Day

Organisers of Andover Armed Forces Day are encouraging former service personnel to apply for their Veterans Medal.

Vigo Park is the venue for Armed Forces Day on 25th June where the Lord-Lieutenant of Hampshire will award ‘Veteran Badges’ to men and woman who have served their country in our Armed Forces.

Veterans who would like to be awarded their ‘Veterans Badge’ at the event are asked to email well in advance of the event.

** You need to apply for your own ARMED FORCES VETERANS BADGE before Andover Armed Forces Day **

You can get an armed forces veterans badge if you’ve served in any of the UK armed forces – there’s no fee.

You are elibable for the badge, if you served in:

  • British Army
  • Royal Navy
  • Royal Marines
  • Royal Air Force (RAF)
  • Volunteer or regular reserves

Download and fill in the application for an armed forces veterans badge. Send the form by post or fax to the Ministry of Defence (MOD):…/armed-forces-veterans-badge-applicatio…

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