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An urgent plea to keep testing during the school holidays

It has been a very difficult year for schools and pupils.  COVID-19 has still not gone away and parents are being reminded to continue testing through home rapid testing kits.

Regular testing, especially before meeting up with friends and family, can help stop the potential spread of COVID-19 and allow everyone to enjoy the summer as safely as possible.

Sadly today we heard that only 3 days into the school holidays a local school holiday club, Globe Fit- Kids, running from the Augusta park community centre in Andover had to send a last minute text out to local parents, which said, ” I am very sorry to report that there has been a positive case of covid 19 at our Andover club, and we are having to open at least an hour later in order to sort staffing and deep clean the venue. We are currently waiting for confirmation from the venue as to whether we are allowed to open, and will update you all ASAP. Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.”

This left working parents with no childcare just an hour before they were due to drop their children off.

The updated text said, “After advice from the council we have come to the decision that any children who have not attended our club for the last 2 days are still able to attend today from 9.30 onwards. However, any children that were here the last 2 days have been in contact with a positive Covid 19 case (from a club leader). We therefore are unable to accept these children at the club today or tomorrow and strongly advise that they isolate and take lateral flow tests for at least the next 48 hours. If they are still testing negative on Friday we would be happy to welcome them back so long as the venue is happy (we will give further information on this once we have clarification from them). Whilst we cannot have the children here with us today, we are still happy to provide a ‘takeaway package’ with crafts/activities, snacks and lunch for them to have at home. If you would like to come and collect this from the venue you are more than welcome to do so anytime between now and lunch time (preferably before 1pm). I am going to work my way through everyone’s number to give you a call to ensure you have received this and try to answer any further questions- please bear with me whilst I do this, and if you do not wish to receive a call please send a text to this number confirming you have received the information. We will of course continue to update you on any further information we get as we converse with the venue management and Hampshire county council.

Regular testing during the summer holidays is vital to ensuring that we keep safe and stop the spread. Young people will spend a lot of their summer socialising and could easily bring the virus back home and potentially give it someone more vulnerable. Through testing, everyone can play their part in enjoying the summer and easing of restrictions safely.

Regular, twice weekly testing is encouraged for everyone without symptoms.

Rapid lateral flow test sites and collection sites in Andover

Tesco Superstore, SP10 1UZ

Shepard’s Spring Lane Car Park, SP101QW

Day Lewis Pharmacy Asymptomatic Testing Andover, 17 Adelaide Road, SP10 1HF

Asda, Anton Mill Road, SP10 3RW

Boots, 31-37 Chantry Centre, SP10 1LT

Superdrug, 17 High Street, SP10 1NF

Lloyds Pharmacy Ltd – 5 Shakespeare Avenue

You can also  order rapid lateral flow test kits online.

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