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Andover Achievers’ celebrates another fantastic year at Andover College

Andover Achievers at Andover College - The Nominees

Andover College celebrated dedication, ambition and hard work by students and staff at the Achievers’ Awards with their proud friends and family invited to join lecturers, governors and sponsors in celebrating their achievements at The Lights Theatre.

The Awards showcase the College’s ability to equip students with an invaluable skill set that allows them to head into their future with confidence and conviction, whether that be at university or in employment.

The Achievers’ Awards sum up an excellent academic year with Andover College getting a 99% A Level pass rate. The college is in the top 4% in the entire country for Value Added, a powerful indicator of the quality of teaching and support the college provides and demonstrates that students are getting the very most out of their time at Andover College.

Principal Tim Jackson said “This is a celebration of students who have studied at our college but are achieving as they are through the efforts and help of the local school and business community. Our Sixth Form Academy goes from strength to strength. I am also delighted in terms of value added, this college is in the top 4% of all colleges in the country, that’s a real success for the dedicated team of staff!

This year’s event was launched by special guest speakers Freelance Digital Media Manager Lana Suhova and previous Andover College student (now studying Medical Science at Exeter University) Liming Yang.

Andover Achievers at Andover College – Liming Yang

Liming’s inspirational story was an uplifting start to the evening, saying “Looking back at my college life, I would say it was exciting, productive and successful. I really want to take this chance to express my appreciation and gratitude to the college staff. I am not exaggerating when I say I definitely would not have achieved as much as I have without the help and support which the College provided.”

Andover Achievers at Andover College – Lana Suhova

Lana also had encouraging words for the students: “It seems like only yesterday, but I graduated from Andover college exactly 10 years ago. I loved my time at college – this was the time when I made lifelong friends and started exploring my creative nature. It was also the place where I learnt to come out of my shell. I think there’s always time to learn and you should be absorbing as much as you can in order to further yourself. Take the extra courses, jump in to new experiences.”

The top accolade of the evening, the prestigious ‘Principal’s Award,’ was presented to double award winner Emily Porter who also received the Academic Achievement Award. She was presented the award for her mature attitude to study with outstanding independent learning skills.

Andover Achievers at Andover College – Emily Porter

Principal Tim Jackson explained: “Emily excelled throughout her A Levels and made immense contribution towards the recruitment for the college with her inspirational speeches and her lively personality.

Finlay Robinson was awarded the Humanities and Social Sciences Achievement Award for his exemplary writing and his inspirational attitude in assisting other learners with their progression.

His lecturer said “Finn is the strongest student academically that I have ever had the privilege to teach. He works harder than any other student that I have ever encountered and perseveres to grasp all concepts possible. One of his essays is now used by the examining body as an exemplar for students across the country. I have learnt much from him and he is deserving of this award.

Concluding the ceremony, Assistant Principal Ben Stokes underlined the collaboration between the college and the feeder schools that prepare future Andover College students for the next step in their education.

He said: “Andover education doesn’t happen in a vacuum; we are proud to be part of a network of educational providers including our secondary schools in Andover – and a growing number from Salisbury and Wiltshire – who like us are committed to providing a platform of high educational standards and credibility”.

Andover Achievers at Andover College – The Winners