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Floatation therapy is a simple method of inducing extremely deep states of physical and mental relaxation resulting in clinically affecting people’s biochemical , endocrine and psychological states.

The powerful effects of floatation are achieved through a process known as restricted environment stimulation therapy (REST) in which there is a drastic reduction in the level of environment stimulation.

The benefits include treatment of hypertension, stress control, chronic pain control, the attainment of deep relaxation and the treatment of depression, phobias and anxiety.

It has been indicated that floating not only reduces these bio chemicals during the float period but keeps levels low for days after and in some cases weeks.

Floating is well  worth doing particularly when you are pregnant also, as it reduces blood pressure and heart rate and its great for backache.

The lack of gravity also gives you the weightlessness that relieves tired and aching joins/muscles.

Floatation therapy can also be referred to as Sensory deprivation.

When you float the pores of your skin ingest the Epsom Salts which help to detoxify your blood.

Any dermatological issues are helped by the Epsom Salts.( healing and repairing)

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