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Top 5 things to do during the school Christmas holidays in Andover

Ideas for the School Christmas holidays in Andover

Official Hampshire school holiday dates are Monday 21st December – Friday 1st January  . BUT a lot of schools are taking the Friday before as an inset day or finishing early,  check with your child’s school.

Here are 5 things we think you shouldn’t miss out on doing this Christmas half term in Andover with your children.

1.A Very Andover Christmas Hunt

Hidden around Andover Town area, there are 24 Christmas images. They can be found in local shops and businesses.

Your task if you choose to except is to find them all. This is a just for fun free event that we have set up for you to enjoy over the School Christmas holidays with your family .

Here are the images you are looking for; Download and print off here

2.Play a family game

These fun indoor family games are good alternatives when everyone is stuck inside. All of these are super simple so players of all ages can learn quickly.

  • Start a drawing game. One person starts by drawing a shape on a piece of paper and passing it to the next player, who adds to it. Keeping passing around the drawing until everyone has a turn (if it’s a large group), or for a predetermined number of times (if it’s a small group). This can be played with as many players as you wish.
  • Play hide and seek. It’s not just for kids! Kids love to find the grown-ups!
  • Try a pencil and paper game, like Dots and Boxes. (<— There’s a video with instructions in that post.)
  • Play an old school game of  spoons!
  • Play Simon Says.
  • Play a guessing game: put an assortment of items on a tray, everyone tries to memorize the items.

3.Andover Heritage Trail

The Heritage Trail highlights some of the town centre buildings and streets that have played a part in Andover’s history. Follow the trail using the leaflet (printable using the document link) and explore the streets and living history of the town from the Iron Age to the present day with a few stops in between.

You can enhance your experience by downloading an accompanying audio trail.

Visit the Test Valley website for further details

4.Go for a walk

Graeme Davis has written us some articles on some great places to visit in and around Andover.

5.Christmas Eve Magic

On Christmas Eve at 6pm get outside on your doorsteps and ring a bell or sing a festive song for 2 minutes to spread Christmas spirit and to help Santa fly his sleigh.

Lets end 2020 with a bit of Magic, hope and togetherness

More local events and activities can be found in the events section of our website, here

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