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Andover to get town-wide free Wi-Fi

Andover Free Wifi Tender
Tender: Free town Wi-Fi

The new Andover Business Improvement District organisation Andover BID has released a tender to companies who wish to apply to provide the high street area with free public wifi.

The tender also asks for companies to offer footfall data which will be used to help understand trading patterns in the town.

The tender opportunity ‘goes live’ today (Friday 13th September) with a fairly tight turnaround of sealed tenders back by 27th September.

The BID tender is specifically ‘To provide FREE public Wi-Fi & Footfall Counting Technology’ and the relevant documents can be found on the Andover BID website here.


As part of Andover BID’s pledge to its members, it is to provide FREE public Wi-Fi in the town centre as well as modern technology to count footfall, the objectives are to:

•           Encourage people into town

•          Allow BID members to advertise their businesses and promotions

•           Target specific customer demographics

•           Promote events

•           Help Andover to compete with other towns

•           Modernise people’s perceptions of the town

•           Increase dwelling time in town

The return date for sealed tenders is Friday 27th September 2019.

It is anticipated that the facility when installed with give local businesses information about consumer behaviours and allow businesses within the BID levy area to communicate with potential customers.

BID Manager Steve Godwin says, “Andover needs to move forward and our thrust at the BID is understand and act positively.  We live in an increasingly ‘connected world’ and giving shoppers and visitors in the town centre access to fast, reliable internet is a necessity for many people.

“With the launch of this tender, we are delighted that we may connect businesses to potential customers and even deliver event and promotional offers to people, perhaps even from the point they got off the train at Andover railway station.”

Interested parties should read carefully the tender documentation here:

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