Andover Young People Community

Andover Trees Youth ambassadors

It’s exciting times at Andover Trees they are gearing up to start volunteer workdays again. Here they introduce us to a couple of their younger volunteers Izzy & Grace who have been volunteering since primary school.

When did they start volunteering with Andover Trees United?

They first met Wendy through the school eco team when they were age 8. They became more and more involved as they got older and started to understand the importance of engagement with the project.

What sort of work do they do for ATU?

A lot of involvement is aimed towards the inclusivity of young people and allowing them to see a different, more creative and enjoyable side of nature. They also involve themselves in opportunities such as the Observer Ethical Awards and Roots and Shoots Awards as well as helping out on open days and other events at the woods. Last summer they ran a VR project in the town centre where members of the public were able to step into Harmony Woods using a head set on the High Street.

How regularly do they volunteer?

They are constantly encouraging Harrow Way pupils to get up to the woods. They give assemblies and talk about the importance of ATU and the exciting opportunities on offer. They believe its important to get more young people on board as the greater the movement, the greater the impact.

What do they gain from volunteering with Andover Trees United?

They gain a sense of community and many awesome opportunities like being on the TV and radio. We have also met so many cool and inspirational people like Dr Jane Goodall, Mayors and journalists and the Deputy Lieutenant from Hampshire.

They both feel that working on the Observer Ethical Awards video was extremely exciting and love that they got to be in the same video as Will.I.Am and Katie Piper. They both find it hilarious when they watch each other being interviewed for the news or on the radio.

What would you say to someone who was considering volunteering?

Do it! There is so much freedom involved in it and you can start your own projects and passions within the organisation and Harmony Woods. It has a great sense of community and you will feel really inspired by the amazing people that surround you.

How has lockdown been for you?

They have missed the people and the fun experiences at the woodland however they have been keeping busy creating a segment for their weekly Harrow Way podcast that aims to educate and inform the students, teachers and parents of the school as well as working with some of the new students joining their school to encourage them to stay environmentally conscious over lockdown.

They have also found time to look after their plants in their own gardens too.

If you are feeling inspired by Izzy & Grace then drop Andover Trees an email to