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ANDOVER UNLOCKED: Gallagher’s Florist – Business is blooming again

Spring is a wonderful time of year as nature starts to flourish and businesses are starting to bloom again 2 weeks after the latest lockdown measures eased.

Gallagher’s florist located in Union street have been working through the lockdowns on specific events but are delighted to be able to welcome the public to their shop. Owner Emma told us “We are loving the fact that our door is now open for customers to come in and we can serve them face to face and spend time with them chatting about how they are and how they are coping with it all.

“We have been lucky that we have been able to continue working behind closed doors as we are part of Interflora so we have been getting orders through their relay service, and we have our own website which generated quite a few orders.  Sales were down but with the government support we have faired okay!

Gallagher’s florist has a rich history in Andover and has been going for over 50 years where it originated from Weyhill Road, on the grounds of Danehurst Place, where they had a Green Grocer and Butchers. Emma joined in 1999 and tells us of her journey from part timer to owner she said “I joined Gallagher’s part-time in 1999, then did my apprenticeship and was employed full time when they had relocated to London Street opposite the Savoy Cinema now Cameo & Vinyl.  New owners took over a few years later and then Gallagher’s was moved again to Union Street.  I remained as Manager but in September 2010 I was given the opportunity to purchase the business.

Being my own boss and although it can be long hours at peak times, I find it fulfilling and love to bring a smile to those who receive their flowers.

Emma has the ever smiling Chrissy Stansbridge helping her and their thirst for customer service and quality flowers is evident from their smiley faces and their care for the shop. For a local business to keep going through the pandemic with such grace and positivity is a joy to see and this is one of the amazing local businesses that we have here in Andover and should always look local when we shop.

Gallagher’s florist do flowers for all occasions and some of the created displays Emma and her team create are breath-taking (See Below).

If you’d like to #buylocal and buy some flowers, for any occasion – just click Here or call: 01264 352 164 or pop in and see Emma in Union Street.