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Another Pub Closes: A Heartfelt Farewell to the George and Dragon

In a sombre announcement on Saturday, June 1st, the proprietors of the cherished George and Dragon pub, in Hurstbourne Tarrant, revealed that they were forced to close their doors. The message, shared on their Facebook page, detailed the struggles owners Ryan and Billy faced in their efforts to keep the establishment open.

For over two and a half years, the George and Dragon under Ryan and Billy’s stewardship was a cornerstone of the community, offering a warm and welcoming atmosphere to all who crossed its threshold. Despite their best efforts to sell the lease and maintain business operations, Ryan and Billy disclosed that a promising offer had unfortunately fallen through. Without the necessary capital to continue operations while seeking a new buyer, they had no other choice but to announce the pub’s closure, which took effect at 9 pm on Sunday, June 2nd.

The closure of the George and Dragon has left a significant void in the community. Ryan and Billy expressed their deep gratitude to both the staff and the patrons who supported the pub. “We have done everything in our power to avoid this but find ourselves with no other choice,” they wrote, acknowledging the incredible hard work and support from their team and the loyalty of their customers.

As the George and Dragon now stands closed, the community is left with a deep sense of loss. However, the hope remains that this beloved establishment will find a way to reopen in the future, restoring its place as a treasured local where friends and neighbours can come together once more. Until then, the final farewell is bittersweet, filled with gratitude for the memories made and optimism for what lies ahead.