How To Deal with Your Spouse Who Smokes and You Hate It

2020 survey shows that about 13 in every hundred adults in the U.S. smokes, which makes it 30.8 million people in the U.S. who smoke. Many in this 12.5% of people who smoke want to quit smoking. According to CDC, tobacco use is the chief cause of avertable disabilities and diseases.

Even if you are not smoking, you are still at a health risk. When you live with a person who smokes, it makes you a secondary smoker. It may cause stroke, lung cancer, heart disease, and reproductive effects in females. It can be even more dangerous if you have an infant at home.

Here are the ways through which you can deal with a spouse who smokes,

Develop an Understanding 

if you do not talk to your partner about their habits that irritate you, it may lead to profound issues later. It is essential to develop a healthy relationship that encourages communication.

You need to take their point of view under consideration too. Keep in mind that they are in charge of their own decisions and all you can do is convince them or show them the path. Negative comments will not help in this situation. 

Instead, try to positively influence them by encouraging them when they do not smoke. This positive dialogue will make your point across more effectively than negative annotations.

Talk About Nicotine Replacements

Once your partner is ready to quit, keep in mind that one needs a support system. You may ask your partner to experiment with vapings or use a nicotine patch for their daily nicotine intake. These methods are proven ways to help in quitting smoking.

You can also be their support system by encouraging them and helping them with daily tasks if they don’t feel like it. You may ask them to join a support group so that they have better guidance to tackle everyday obstacles. 

Build No Smoke Zones

If your spouse is not ready to quit yet, make your home a no-smoke zone. Let them know about your concerns, and ask them to refrain from smoking in the house or the car. If you feel like it might draw them away, choose specific areas of your home as no smoke areas.

This might help them understand the seriousness of the situation and health risks.  

Clean Your House

If your spouse wants to quit smoking, get rid of everything that reminds them of smoking, such as Ashtrays, cigarette boxes, and lighters. Wash their clothes that smell like cigarettes. You can clean your house thoroughly to expel the scent of smoke; from your home.

This step will keep them from thinking about smoking too much.

Make Time for Your Spouse

Once they are on the path of giving up tobacco, it is good to spend time with them. Keep your spouse busy and distracted so that they do not turn back to cigarettes. Most people smoke to get rid of stress and anxiety. To reduce your partner’s stress levels, you can plan different activities with them and take up a hobby they like. This will keep their stress levels down and keep them calm.

Celebrate Their Progress

When your spouse is making progress, make sure to give positive affirmations to them. And when they complete a certain period of not smoking, celebrate these milestones with them. Smoking is a source of comfort for smokers, and giving up this comfort is like leaving a friend that stood there with you in difficult times. 

It would be best to be mindful that this change is strenuous for your partner; hence, every effort they make should be appreciated. Thank them for not exposing you and other family members to the harmful substances.

Ensure that they know that they can talk to you when they feel like relapsing. Having someone to rely on may help your partner to keep themselves strong.

In Conclusion, all you can do is help them by being there and convincing them to make safer choices, but you can not make them do anything. Remember that this is not your fight, but it is their fight so let them do it their way.

If you force them into quitting, it might break them quickly, and it can be damaging to your relationship, but if they make this choice on their own, it will be lasting and effective.

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