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Beautician to blogger

The pandemic has affected many jobs across the country with many people placed on furlough or even worse losing their jobs.

Many people have used this as an opportunity to learn new skills or to try something new. Local beautician Claire Hattrick was given plenty of time during the lockdowns as she was unable to work. With a wealth of life experiences, she was encouraged by her identical twin daughters, Abbey and Beth to write about these experiences to help other people who may be experiencing similar issues in life. So, in July 2020 Clipboard Claire was born.

The purpose of the blog is to guide and support women and parents through a series of different topics by using Claire’s own life experiences. This is a free guide to parenting with all it’s ups and downs as well as a wealth of ideas from women to help them transition smoothly and knowledgeably through their menopause journey.

Claire told us “Clipboardclaire was started back in July last year when we were in lockdown and as a self employed beauty therapist, I was unable to work. My girls came up with the idea of starting a blog because they know I love to help others; we cover topics based on my life experiences.

“Clipboardclaire covers topics on the Menopause and my personal experience with it and how I am getting through it. As well as my experience as a single Mum of identical Twin Girls who are now 22 years old. I share my ideas from how to prepare for the arrival of a newborn to things children can do when they are bored and also for certain events throughout the year such as Easter, Christmas and during Lockdown!

“The final section is life advice, where I cover all sorts of topics from gift guides, tried and tested products and ideas for how to celebrate certain events.

“The Blog has only been up for 8 months and we have had an amazing response from everyone we have helped or even just made smile and that is all we aim to do!” 

You can have a look and read up on Claire’s tips and advice by going to www.clipboardclaire.com