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BID creates town centre ‘shared shop’ opportunity

Andover BID is delighted to have agreed with Test Valley Borough Council a large retail unit in The Chantry Centre and to brand it InAndover Shop Local. They are offering the space RENT FREE for up to eight individual new or fledgling Artisan or interesting product businesses to share the space as part of an incubation unit for up to 6-months enabling traders to establish themselves in the town centre.

The shop will have all the COVID safety measures in place for the businesses and the potential customer’s coming through the door and offers an exciting way to grow your business in a like minded environment. With the latest lockdown in place the shop will not be available until lockdown has been lifted but this is a great opportunity to get your position booked and the plans in place for the launch.

This is another initiative to support local businesses and to increase footfall into the town. There are still a few more spaces available and the BID are encouraging businesses to enquire. This is funded by the BID and will assisted with marketing and PR support. The BID have employed Rebecca Speculo as creative director to lead this initiative and she told Andover Radio “The BIDS innovative shared shop platform is a great opportunity for local business owners to grow their business, in a sustainable, low-risk way. As Creative Director, I am super excited to lead way for the first 8 new independents who will be part of Andover’s grass-roots High Street revolution & join a collaborative and diverse retail environment”.


➢ To introduce a new & exciting concept to Andover town centre.
➢ To provide up to eight new or fledgling interesting Artisan providers with a platform
to promote their products and experience a low-risk start-up retail environment.
➢ To provide business sustainability.
➢ To encourage further reasons for people to come into the town to shop.
➢ To support existing Andover businesses by increasing the town’s offer and helping to
drive footfall to Andover.
➢ To create awareness and build the InAndover brand.


➢ Provide FREE rent, rate & service level a quality shared space in town centre
➢ Staff support & back up.
➢ One-to-one specialised business advice.
➢ Facilitate and bring complimentary local Artisan businesses together.
➢ Harness the local skills & talents that we already have in the town to support and
ensure businesses are a success and therefore encourage sustainability.
➢ Provide marketing support & promotion through local promotion, media, & social
media channels.


➢ To provide an interesting & quality local Test Valley Artisan product.
➢ To professionally staff your shared retail area.
➢ To promote and advertise your product and company.
➢ To provide personal public liability insurance.
➢ To provide excellent customer service and back up.
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Speak with Becky www.inandover.co.uk/shared-shop

Participant Criteria

• Independent Business.
• Local Business Owners – 30-mile radius Andover
• Producers or makers or sell high quality, artisan style aspirational products.
• Innovative /Original / Unique Businesses – to compliment what we already have in town.
• Authentically sourced – so good provenience or locally produced product offering.
• Desire to have a high street shop presence in an Andover.
• Desire to grow their business beyond the shared unit.
• Desire to be part of a thriving community of Independent Shops.
• Desire to contribute to the enrichment and transformation of the face of Andover town
• With a local band of entrepreneurs, crafts people and arts and crafts whose desire is to
come together and desire to enliven/create vibrancy in our high street.
• Looking for support to grow their business.
• Desire for a risk-free-low investment way of testing the market in a retail shop.
• Committed and willing to devote time being in the shop (and have or source own payment
• Willing to be an active advocate for the shop.
• Have Promotional information – Banners etc.
• Customer facing – desire to create an exceptional experience for the customer.