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Burgers He Wrote Review: The Chestnut

Get ready for a mouth-watering adventure as we team up with the passionate and discerning palate of “Burgers He Wrote” on a quest to find the perfect burger! But that’s not all, this journey is about celebrating more than just the delicious bites; it’s about shining a spotlight on the incredible businesses we have right here in Andover.

If you’re a food lover and a supporter of local establishments, you won’t want to miss this thrilling blend of culinary exploration and community appreciation. Get ready to savour the flavours of Andover and fall in love with food all over again – because at Love Andover, we’re all about celebrating the best in food and our amazing community!

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The Chestnut Tree. Build Your Own Burger. Choose from Chicken or Beef, then add 3 toppings from a huge selection. All served in a bun with mayo, baby gem lettuce and red onion, with fries and onion rings – £8.79 (£5 on Wednesdays).

Gluten Morgen my German companions in Goch, of whom we are twinned with in Andover, them and the French over in Redon.

These road names in Andover had me thinking about their pronunciation, due to them not being our native tongue, but
the real mind boggler is this – Why does everyone pronounce Vigo Road as ‘Vigo Road’, when surely it should be ‘Vigo Road’?

I tried to research the correct pronunciation but got nowhere fast, like The Flash in an ontological paradox. Anyway, I digress. Ghostbusters taught us about Vigo the Carpathian, and football fans will know exactly what I’m on about, when I say that if you pronounce the Spanish team Celta Vigo as ‘Veego’, then why do we pronounce Vigo Road as ‘Vigo’, especially considering it must be named after the town in Spain. Someone must’ve said it wrong once and we all fell captive to the Mandela effect. Pop this on the list of things that really grinds my gears and welcome to my beautiful mind.

“Coming Straight Outta Nompton, a crazy Mothertucker that likes Food. Formed a gang called Jiggaz with attitudes”.

From Burger King to Greene King then, ‘The Chestnut’, something that is synonymous with both Christmas and Zinedine Zidane, for those of you that remember what he did in the 2006 World Cup final. I must’ve sampled every single item on their menus over the course of my lifetime, due, in part, to there being 4 GK pubs in Andover alone, well 3 and a Hungry Horse, but this ain’t my first Rodeo.

What I will say is that quality varies from pub to pub, for what is essentially the same product, with the only real difference being the person who cooks it, although the service, atmosphere, and upkeep of stock in the Condom machine all comes into play. Obviously, correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s the general Jist of it.

This is the type of review where I don’t often try small talk with landlords or staff, which, in itself may appear unfair. It’s not that I don’t want to, but with brewery run pubs, there isn’t a mass amount of longevity or history to delve into, not for a corporate gig anyway. Plus, I’ll gage the mood as I walk in to see if there’s ample opportunity to grill someone, with it being too busy on this occasion. Can only be a good thing right?!

My Mum bloody loves a slap up Gammon dinner at The Chestnut, and as we’re generally creatures of habit, if she keeps coming back, they must be doing something right, also on the basis she’s sent more plates back than a quality checker at Royal Doulton.

I’ve been to Build-a-Bear before, but I’ve never built a burger, not in a pub anyway, and for a ‘deep sea diver’ on a Wednesday, you genuinely can’t go wrong with this, the true definition of ‘Cheap & Cheerful’. At £8.79 any other day, it’s also still good value.

With more toppings to choose from than you can shake a stick at, decision making here is important, and not for the faint hearted. One wrong move and you’ll likely end up with heartburn, a thing they didn’t warn me about nearly enough as a kid, that and paedophiles nooooo, quicksand was the real threat, oh and swallowing bubble gum.

In terms of the cooking, this was cooked, and by cooked, I mean cooked, “It’s hotter than the sun!”. Don’t just book it, Thomas Cook it! This is probably why my Mum likes it here, with her asbestos tongue and love of Lava bread, speaking of which, I’ve seen her erupt and blow her top a few times, so I’d like to take this time to say thanks for being so dormant most of the time Mag…Ma I mean.

So for the Obi Toppin’s, I opted for the Chicken, Curry Sauce, Hash Browns & Cheese. Why? Because I gotta! Different toppings for different needs. I went with these as a friend recommend the Katsu Chicken Burger, which unfortunately wasn’t on the menu, so it was the next closest thing really. I also chucked in the onion rings for good measure. Admittedly the cheese looks like one side of Harvey Dents face, but the combo all worked together, and I don’t regret my choices. My partner in cRhyme had the Beef and looked like a defeated man after, a bit like Eazy-E after listening to ‘No Vaseline’

Taste wise, there’s no complaints, and as stated before, it was cooked well. It’s made to order and value for money, the downside is it’s an NPC, default mode or factory settings if you will, basic fodder that is packaged, prepped and distributed to every franchise, with little artistry and not much uniqueness to elevate it beyond a 6-7 scale, but taking into consideration the overall experience and enjoyment, it’s pretty good at a 6.6.

As far as the service goes, they appear to run a tight ship, I’ve never really had a bad meal there, it’s alright for the football, and they have a lot of regular custom, with the bar and restaurant always looking busy, so yeah, solid overall, I like it.

It’s officially the build up to Christmas, so whilst Buble is thawing out in his cryogenic chamber, a lot of you will be frantically ordering presents online to ensure they arrive on time, fingers crossed that Evri item gets delivered ok.

This Burger was one of 4 sisters, well, 3 and a half sister, I had real trouble saying her name correctly. She was pretty hot but had an average personality, I took her home to meet my mum who absolutely loved her. I had to end it as things just got on top, with too much on my plate.

Yours sincerely,

Burgers He Wrote.

Freddie’s Funny Story:

Me: “I know what we’re doing between the 23rd and 25th of November boy. The Hawk Conservancy have got a Christmas Market on.”

Freddie: “Are they selling birds?”