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Census day 2021

Sunday ( 21st March 2021) is census day. Every ten years, data and information from residents across England and Wales is collected to give official sources, a snapshot of our households.

Then, this data is used to help improve our communities, here in Andover. Sunday is census day, but you can complete yours as soon as you get your code. This is a digital-first census, but you can still get help if you need it.

If you need to answer separately from the people you live with, you can request an individual access code to start a separate census.

You can request a new access code to start a new census if you have lost or not received an access code.

Below is a list of dates and times where you can reach out to get assistance in filling yours in.

The census should take about 10 minutes for the household questions and 10 minutes per person.

You must complete the census by law or you could be fined up to £1,000

Some questions are labelled as voluntary. It is not an offence if you do not answer these.

The last census took place in 2011. Many people and organisations used information from the 2011 Census in a variety of ways. Click here to see the results of the 2011 census for Test Valley.

To find out more about the census, including how the information is used, click here: