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Charity skydive raises almost £2,000

Chris Noakes during his tandem skydive for The Abel Foundation

Three intrepid charity fundraisers have thrown themselves out of a perfectly good aircraft to raise almost £2,000 for The Abel Foundation.

July 7th saw Chris Noakes, Alex Taylor, and Adie Knight train and jump from 14,000 feet at the Netheravon airfield to raise valuable funds for the Andover based charity.

Speaking after the jump, Chris said “Every part of my body was screaming “No!” when I was hanging out of the plane door, but once my feet had touched the ground, I wanted to go back up and do it again! Truly awesome!

Fellow jumper Adie agreed.

After my feet touched the ground, all I wanted to do was go straight back up and do it again! It is the best feeling in the world” he said.

The jumps were organised through Love Skydiving, who can organise your jump and help you promote any fund raising you do.

A Tandem Skydive is perfect for those who want to skydive just the once. From just £225, prove to yourself you can do it, but with the safety backup of being with an instructor at all times.

Only 30 minutes of training is needed before your first jump and then experience 40 seconds of freefall before your instructor deploys the parachute. You land right in front of any friends and family watching in the spectator area.

To find out more go to the Love Skydiving site.