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Climate activists target prehistoric monument on eve of summer solstice

Two Just Stop Oil protestors were arrested today after spraying orange paint on stones at Stonehenge.

Bystanders attempted to intervene and prevent the vandalism. The arrested individuals, Niamh Lynch, a 21-year-old student from Oxford, and Rajan Naidu, a 73-year-old resident of Birmingham, are facing charges of damaging a historical monument.

The protest comes just before the summer solstice, a time when thousands gather to celebrate the longest day of the year at the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak condemned the act, calling it a “disgrace” and urging Just Stop Oil to condemn the actions of their members.

The group defended their protest, stating that the government’s commitment to ending new oil and gas projects is insufficient. They argue that continued reliance on fossil fuels will have devastating consequences and demand a legally binding treaty to phase them out by 2030. Just Stop Oil claims the orange paint used was cornflour-based and would wash away with rain.

Thousands Expected at Summer Solstice Celebration

With the summer solstice celebration drawing near, authorities anticipate large crowds at Stonehenge. The celebration will take place from Thursday evening to Friday morning.