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Conquering Towers, Changing Lives: Jordan Wylie’s Tower Power 2024 Expedition

In an exciting collaboration, adventurer and author Jordan Wylie MBE has teamed up with David Mellor Family Jewellers for his upcoming eco-triathlon expedition, Tower Power 2024. This marks the first partnership between Wylie and the esteemed jewellery family, renowned for their philanthropy and commitment to sustainability.

Set to commence this month, Tower Power 2024 is an ambitious endeavour that will see Wylie travel from the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy to the Eiffel Tower in France, concluding at Blackpool Tower in the UK. What sets this adventure apart is Wylie’s unwavering commitment to completing it in the most sustainable manner possible. He will be cycling on a bike made from locally sourced coppice wood and a kayak made from recycled plastic bottles.

Jordan is no stranger to gruelling endurance challenges. Over the years, he has tackled marathons in some of the world’s hottest and coldest environments, showcasing his resilience and determination. Widely respected as a multi-discipline adventurer, Wylie has not only completed extraordinary feats but has also set and broken numerous official world records.

His endeavours have not been for personal achievement; Wylie has raised over one million pounds for charitable and good causes throughout his career. Among his notable achievements is the delivery of a school from concept to completion in the Horn of Africa (Djibouti), for which he was awarded an MBE from King Charles III on behalf of the Foreign & Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO).

Wylie’s dedication to philanthropy extends beyond his expeditions; he serves proudly as a patron, trustee, ambassador, and volunteer for several charities. His guiding principle, encapsulated in his mantra “Be The Difference That Makes A Difference,” drives his relentless pursuit of positive change and impact in the world.

The Tower Power support team, led by Clive Bates, embarked on a mission to collect thousands of plastic bottles from Southsea near Portsmouth. These bottles, combined with ones gathered by children across Hampshire, will be recycled and used to construct Wylie’s kayak as part of the Tower Power challenge 2024. This innovative approach not only promotes sustainability but also underscores the collaborative spirit driving the expedition forward.

Expressing his admiration for David Mellor Family Jewellers, Wylie states, “It’s a great privilege to team up for the first time with David Mellor Family Jewellers. I have always really respected their charity efforts, commitment to helping others and philanthropy across Hampshire. I’m also very proud to call all of the family members my good friends too, they are simply great people who do great things to help others and their values are very much aligned with my own, it’s a perfect match.

“They are also heavily focussed on sustainability at present and are a real specialist in pre-owned jewellery and luxury watches too. As always it’s going to be a super tough challenge, I have no idea how long it will take but it’s for an important cause and that’s all that really matters”.

David Mellor Family Jewellers has long been a stalwart supporter of the local community. Their commitment to giving back and making a positive impact is evident through their involvement in various charitable initiatives, events, and sponsorships aimed at uplifting the community. Whether through fundraising efforts, charity partnerships, or active participation in community events, David Mellor Family Jewellers consistently demonstrates their dedication to supporting the people. Their unwavering support serves as a shining example of corporate social responsibility and community engagement.

Tower Power 2024 holds three primary objectives close to Wylie’s heart. Firstly, the expedition aims to raise funds for the Army Cadet Charitable Trust (ACCT) UK, an organization dedicated to providing young people with opportunities for development through Army Cadets activities.

Secondly, the adventure will pay tribute to Jordan Banks, a young boy from Wylie’s hometown of Blackpool who tragically passed away prematurely. A special piece of art will be unveiled in Blackpool on the final day of the expedition in memory of Jordan Banks.

Lastly, Tower Power 2024 seeks to educate and inspire. Wylie is committed to conducting the expedition in a sustainable manner, offering free educational resources for schools to engage pupils, teachers, and parents who wish to participate in the journey.

For those eager to follow along with Tower Power 2024, updates and insights will be shared on the expedition’s official website, If you would like to donate then visit the JustGiving page.

As Wylie prepares to embark on this remarkable adventure, his collaboration with David Mellor Family Jewellers stands as a testament to the power of shared values and the collective pursuit of meaningful endeavours. Together, they are shaping a future where sustainability and philanthropy intertwine, leaving a lasting impact on communities and the environment alike.