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Exciting re-brand adds flavour to Andover high street

Canto Gelato (Formally Twenty 5) is set to re-open this Monday (2nd December 2019) with exciting changes to whet your appetite.

Husband and wife team, Kelly and Steve Jones have taken on the franchise and are excited to be bringing their tasty delights to the high street.

Steve told Andover Radio “I’m very excited to open and show everyone the wonderful changes we’ve made and the exciting new treats that we have”

Here are some of the changes and new additions:

1. They have introduced some new Waffles and Crepes to our menu, and you can now have their Waffles on their standard Waffle base or as a Bubble Waffle.

2. They have changed to their own branded Coffee which has won a Great Taste award.

3. They have made their pricing even better so you can now have your favourite desserts and gelato more often!

4. They are keeping the same award winning Artisan Gelato and Sorbetto with new flavours coming all the time.

5. Cold soda drinks will now be served from a dispenser, and refills are only £1.

6. They now have a dedicated take-out menu so you can now take out all their products, including the new Bubble Waffles they offer – these are great for having a treat on the go.

7. They will be offering delivery in the near future with a national delivery provider. You will soon be able to have your favourite desserts and Gelato at home.

8. They will be having different specials on a regular basis, and these will be changed regularly so you will always have an opportunity to try something new.

9. They have introduced some savoury options for those who want a winter warmer or something savoury.

10. They are still doing their popular American pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, but they are also adding a couple of Canadian pancakes for those colder winter days. These will be warm berry compote and maple syrup, and warm apple, cinnamon and maple syrup – on a 2, 3 or 4 stack pancake!

11. They have introduced a couple of Sharing Options, with more coming shortly.

12. They have introduced half size waffles for the kids – a half waffle with slightly smaller toppings but still with a scoop of their award-winning Gelato.

13. They are introducing a couple of Breakfast options with Greek yogurt, honey, fruit and granola on a warm crepe.

14. For the kids (and adults!), we have introduced Gelato soda floats, you choose the Gelato flavour and soda

15. They have introduced a special half-and-half Waffle, where you can have two Waffles in one! Can’t choose? No problem go half and half on our Waffles. Choose two Waffles from their menu and they will create a single Waffle with both options. This comes with 2 Gelato scoops of your choice (one each side!)

16. They have introduced The Gelato Experience, a sharing plate of Ten 2oz scoops of Gelato or Sorbetto of your choice from their counter, topped with a variety of sauces, wafers and sprinkles, curls, fudge pieces and everything nice – perfect for sharing!