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Facebook scam – do not click the YouTube link

Facebook Scam Alert
Facebook: Scam Alert

A virus scam is doing the rounds and many people are falling for the hoax.

Facebook users in Andover are getting a message from a friend suggesting they watch a YouTube video – simply… don’t!

This type of scam has been here before, but however appealing it seems, it is a scam and contains a virus-ridden link.

The scam is spreading across social media – particularly via Facebook messenger.

It all starts with a message from a friend stating your name, emojis and a link supposedly to You Tube. However, if you click on it you will be taken to a fake YouTube channel full of nasty malware.

This comes as today is World Safer Internet Day, an international initiative supported by Hampshire Constabulary so all of us can help keep children and young people safer online.

Police are sharing helpful advice about our safety with digital technology here:

Some hacked users claim the infection works through your entire contacts list, sending links to explicit adult web content.

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