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Fundraising through fitness

Members and staff at Énergie Fitness Andover have raised £381.32 for Piggles Trust by taking part in fun fitness challenges and holding a cake and coffee morning at their club on Anton Business Park.

Gym goers were put through their paces in a gruelling 90-minute Spin class, 60-second rowing challenge and strength testing kettlebell hold in exchange for a small donation to the charity. All washed down with a hot cup of coffee and a slice of cake! (They did work REALLY hard!)

Piggle Trust aims to provide Early Years Educational facilities in children’s hospitals across the country.

Caroline Martin (Founder of Piggles Trust) said: ‘I never expected support or fundraising at this level thank you so much!’

Amy Faulds (Membership Manager at Énergie Fitness Andover) said: ‘Members of all abilities and fitness levels embraced the challenges set by our team and I am overwhelmed by the generosity of our Énergie Fitness family.’