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Harrow Way welcomes students, teachers and staff back

Harrow Way Community School has opened its doors to students following nine weeks of remote learning.  Teachers, staff and students were all back on site for the first time since Christmas for some much welcome face to face teaching.

Commenting on the sight of a busy, bustling school, Headteacher Michael Serridge said: “I couldn’t be prouder of how the whole school community has embraced home learning but nothing beats having students back in school. The building feels alive again and we are ready, resourced and have everything in place to build on the great work, students and their families put in during lockdown. I am determined that these students will not be a ‘lost generation’ and will receive a quality education which stands them in good stead for successful futures.”

In the week preceding the reopening the school conducted 1,600 lateral flow tests to ensure students and staff returning were safe to do so. Students will take two further tests during their return to school before continuing with a twice weekly testing schedule, which they will do at home.

Recognising that home learning is heavy on screen time, students were given a ‘digital detox day.’ As one of their final remote tasks, students were encouraged to take time away from their screens and enjoy some other offline activities. The brief was to have fun, try not to use a screen (pc, tablet or phone) or the word ‘google’.

Mr Serridge concludes: “Now students are back in school they will get to enjoy face to face learning and just as importantly is all the other hands on and enrichment activities which are all part of a meaningful curriculum and education.”

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