Hawk Conservancy Receives Very Special Visitors

The Hawk Conservancy in Andover Celebrated in style recently, when they were visited by two special couples. [Read more...]

When Joyce & Geoff Warrall from Andover, and Douglas & Sheila Bray  from Reading, signed up to take part in the Hawk Conservancy’s Sarson Falconer Pageant , the couples had never met before and did not know that they had something very special
in common.

They had simply been looking forward to a lovely Summer’s day out with their Grandchildren and to joining in the activities of the Pageant. So imagine their surprise and delight when it was revealed that both couples were celebrating a very special occasion on that day, their 49th Wedding Anniversary.

They were all amazed to be the centre of attention and were thrilled with the lovely time they had. To help them with their celebrations a photo opportunity was quickly organised with photographer, Hamish Smith. Everyone was dressed in the costumes they had worn for the pageant and to complete the picture they were joined by, falconer Mike Riley who brought along Danebury, the bald eagle, who is one of the stars of the flying display.

Hawk Conservancy Anniversary Couples

Geoff & Joyce said “Thank you so much for such a fun time on Thursday.Each time we come to the Hawk Conservancy it gets better & better—our grandsons love it so much and love to watch the birds fly. Their favourite is the Peregrine Falcon —we’ve been bringing them for about 3 years now & they always want to come again!

Ashley at the Hawk Conservancy said “We still haven’t got over the amazing coincidence with Doug & Sheila having the same anniversary——life can be stranger than fiction! We would both like to meet up again next Aug 8th to celebrate at the Trust again!

Douglas & Sheila added “Our grandchildren Alicia and Amélie really enjoyed their day out and the little bit of dressing up and finding themselves in front of all the visitors means that it was an event that they will always remember. They haven’t stopped telling everyone how much they enjoyed the whole day and what a terrific place the Hawk Conservancy is and you can get to hold some of the birds.

The Sarson Falconer Pageant

This summer, the very popular Hawk Conservancy Trust’s Sarson Falconer Displays are drawing visitors who can also be part of the show.

The Sarson Falconer Pageant is a re-enactment of medieval village life. Visitors who wish to take part will, with guidance from a member of staff, play a variety of roles including beekeeper, hay-turner, washerwoman and ploughman.

For the younger audience, the opportunities range from butterfly catchers to blacksmith and duck-herder!

No acting experience is needed and there are no lines to learn. All that is required is a willingness to take part and enthusiasm to join in the fun!

We will provide costumes, so that you will look the part, and make sure that you are back in the audience to watch the rest of the display.

Contact Details:  Ashley Smith email or 07966 500513