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High Street Delight: Adorable Postbox Toppers Celebrate Local Mental Health Project

Andover High Street has been graced with a charming new addition, courtesy of the talented crafters at The Kind Stitchers.

Two eye-catching post-box toppers, lovingly crocheted and knitted, have recently appeared outside the Chantry Centre and Lloyds Bank. But these aren’t your average decorations – they celebrate the work of The Three Bees Project, a local organisation dedicated to promoting mental health and wellbeing through the power of animals and nature.

Allen Watts of the Three Bees Project told us, “It really is such a thrill when members of the public surprise you with something so creative and thoughtful. We were all really touched”.

The intricate yarn creations have captured the hearts of both staff and visitors. The Three Bees Project was so impressed that they brought along Tiger-Lily, the star of one of the toppers, to meet her miniature doppelganger. The public was equally charmed by the detailed craftsmanship, while Tiger-Lily herself seemed to think it was the “bees knees” (perhaps a fitting expression for the occasion).

Intrigued by this unique initiative? Visit to discover how their Get Out And Talk (G.O.A.T.s) therapy program can utilize the calming presence of animals to support improved mental wellbeing within your organisation.