How to buy Cheltenham Festival Tickets

Horse racing fans will know all about the thrill of the Cheltenham Festival, with it being one of the highlights of the sport’s calendar each and every year and always produces the most exciting moments in racing.

Experiencing the world renowned Cheltenham Roar is worth the price of admission alone. The Cheltenham Roar takes place at the beginning of each race and generally peaks on the first and last races of the day, as the passionate crowd all cheer together at once.

Getting your hands on tickets for the Cheltenham Festival isn’t as difficult as you might initially believe, although the timing of which that you snap them up will have a difference on the price that you get them for.

If you are interested in buying tickets for the Cheltenham Festival you should head to the official ticket seller at

Here, you will find tickets for all four days of the Cheltenham Festival, with options to buy tickets for the Club Enclosure, Tattersalls Enclosure, Best Mate Enclosure, Cheltenham Restaurant Packages, The Park, The Festival Lounge, Panoramic Restaurant, Private Boxes and the Orchard Pods. 

This is the only place where you will be able to buy official tickets and at face value, though some tickets will inevitably be made available through secondary ticket websites, albeit likely for an inflated price.

For the Club Enclosure, Tattersalls Enclosure and Best Mate Enclosure, prices are as follows for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the Cheltenham Festival:

  • Club Enclosure – £85
  • Tattersalls Enclosure – £52
  • Best Mate Enclosure – £37

However, on the Friday of the Cheltenham Festival (Gold Cup Day) the prices are raised to the following figures:

  • Club Enclosure – £103
  • Tattersalls Enclosure – £72 
  • Best Mate Enclosure – £57

With the Gold Cup being the standout race of the Cheltenham Festival and one of the biggest horse races in the world, there is naturally a greater demand for tickets on the day that it is run. Customers hoping to park at Cheltenham Festival should also pre-book their parking tickets online with The Jockey Club.

All in all, there are 13 different ticket options for Cheltenham Festival, eight of which are within the hospitality setting. These give you a wide range of options to ensure you are able to enjoy the festival in the exact manner you want to.

Just be sure to secure your ticket at the Cheltenham Festival sooner than later to book your place at one of the greatest days that British sport has to offer!

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