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I Can Therapy Centre Andover I Can Connect

During these times of ‘social distancing’ and ‘self-isolation’ there is no way you or those you care for or support can get to the I Can Therapy Centre, so their teams can ‘come to you’ with #ICanConnect.

I Can Connect is Valley Leisure’s practical response to the challenging times in which we find ourselves; to keep in contact with those who use the I Can Therapy Centre services.

It also provides credible sources of information to enable people to keep mentally well, moving and mobile in the safety of their own homes.

There are a list of credible links to other resources which will help people keep mentally well, moving and mobile on their dedicated I Can Connect web page.

The team at Valley Leisure are also providing more interactive information and content on their social media platforms that they would love you, your patients, clients or those you care for or support to engage with:

A spokesperson for I Can Therapy Centre said, “We’re really missing everyone who exercises with us at I Can and hope that we can continue to help and support people through these challenging times in a positive way and whilst we look forward to re-opening.