It’s the Money Guy

Hi, It’s The Money Guy, Adam Phillips, my aim is very simple – to try and help you make better financial decisions!

I have lived in Andover for most of my life and have a real passion for helping people, in particular, their money.

I spent 12 years in the insurance and banking industry and after this lengthy spell, decided to leave and set up – ‘It’s the Money Guy’ designed to help free of charge, anyone who wants it.

Making money or saving money is actually easier than you think, we have to attack it like a fitness program, dedicate some time, come up with a plan and then actually do it! Check out my YouTube Channel (Link: for vids!

I also have a downloadable app (link: ), which allows you to send me directly any policy schedules or bills, if you would like me to review your costs, along with my ‘Money Guy- Money Card’ Which gives you local discounts within the area and town of Andover, plus – much much more!

Listen closely, as I’ll be on week in, week out, talking about money, debt, investments, mortgages and lots of other topics, all about money!

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