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Kevin Ridgeon, 
Digital Guru

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Hello, I’m Kevin!

So, I am Welsh, but I love Andover!  I am originally from Bridgend, in South Wales.  Having moved about a lot when I was younger, I finally settled in Andover in 1984 (yes, 1984!).

I went to Winton and then to Cricklade (Andover) College. I Worked locally from 16 including volunteering at Andover Sound Community Radio Station as a Radio Presenter.  Blimey, that was some time ago – and a lot has changed since.

I love working on computers and getting my head around the multitude of nonsense of ‘the internet’.

I have skills in multimedia design and creation, graphics design, web design, photography, videography, Music… oh, and DJing!  I love studying, films (most genres).

I am determined to improve myself, even more so over the last few years, having now completed many hours of self-study courses to achieve multiple diplomas and qualifications.

BORN: Well, let’s say I am am old enough to be wise, young enough for it not to inhibit me.

FAVOURITE FILM: Way too many to mention, I have over 200 films in my collection (not including Netflix)

FAVOURITE ARTIST: Michael Jackson – Beat It and Man in the Mirror are my favourite songs

LIKES: Wales RFU, Liverpool FC

DISLIKES: Cooked fruit.

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