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Kick Out The Stigma – Andover: Making Strides in Mental Health Support Through Football

In a heartening display of community spirit and dedication, the members of Kick Out The Stigma – Andover have come together to raise funds for a cause close to their hearts. With a total of £235 raised so far through charity match fees, bucket donations, and a GoFundMe campaign, the group is making significant strides in supporting mental health initiatives in their local area.

The chosen charity, Andover Mind, stands to benefit greatly from the efforts of Kick Out The Stigma – Andover. Last year the group raised £1050 for Andover Mind. This local football therapy group aims to use the sport as a means of creating a relaxed atmosphere for individuals facing mental health challenges. By organising friendly matches and fundraising events, they are not only raising funds but also raising awareness about the importance of mental health support within the community.

Established over six months ago, Kick Out The Stigma – Andover has actively collaborated with other local football charities such as Kick Start FC and Andover MacMillan Charity Football Club (AMCFC). Through these partnerships, they have been able to expand their reach and engage with a broader audience, spreading their message of support and inclusivity.

One of the hallmarks of Kick Out The Stigma – Andover is their commitment to providing tangible support to individuals in need. Through their fundraising efforts, they have been able to send participants like Jake McGregor and Marc “Slim” James to attend mental health courses, providing them with valuable tools and resources to cope with their challenges.

The dedication and generosity of the players and supporters of Kick Out The Stigma – Andover have been instrumental in their success. Their weekly sessions, held every Tuesday at Charlton Astro Turf, have become a staple in the community, welcoming individuals over the age of 16 to participate in a friendly 6/7-a-side football kickabout.

Looking ahead, Kick Out The Stigma – Andover shows no signs of slowing down in their efforts to support mental health initiatives. Their upcoming charity match against Andover MVF Football Club on the 30th of March promises to be another exciting opportunity to raise funds and awareness for their cause. With kick-off scheduled for 11 am at Charlton 3G Astro, the event is poised to be a testament to the power of community action in addressing mental health challenges.

As they continue to grow and evolve, Kick Out The Stigma – Andover remains grateful to their supporters for making their endeavours possible. Their commitment to creating a supportive environment for individuals facing mental health issues serves as an inspiration to communities everywhere, highlighting the transformative potential of sports in fostering mental well-being.

For those interested in contributing to their cause and helping Kick Out The Stigma – Andover surpass their fundraising goals, options such as bank transfers, bucket donations at charity matches, or contributions through their GoFundMe page are available. Every contribution, no matter how small, makes a meaningful difference in their mission to kick out the stigma surrounding mental health.