Ask Kit Malthouse

Kit Malthouse is the MP representing Andover and North West Hampshire and you have a chance to ask him a question on Andover Radio.

With so much talk about political parties and their leaders, we shouldn’t forget that it’s local representatives that we elect – and they are directly answerable  to local people.

So what would you like to ask Kit Malthouse?


Whether it’s Brexit, housing (he’s housing minster), the economy , the NHS, Andover BID, or anything else – get asking and we’ll put as many to Kit as we can when he comes into Andover Radio again soon.

Please use the form below to submit your question to Kit.

We may be able to put some callers through to Kit when we record the programme so if you would like to be considered for this please include your phone number.

Due to time limitations we are unable to guarantee to include every question submitted.

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