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Local author releases horror story collection

Martin McGregor - Damaged Goods

Emerging Andover author Martin McGregor has released his new collection of short horror stories.

Martin has been writing short horrors for the last three years, and his last collection reached number one on the horror anthology downloads on Amazon.

Published by Marlebond publishing, this new collection features adult orientated bite-sized stories that are perfect for coffee time reading or for short commutes.

Featuring adult tales of a graphic nature, these are stories not for the faint of heart. There are numerous references to local locations included, and Martin has a desire to help firmly place Andover on the map.

This collection is free to download for a short period only – click here to go to Amazon and download.


The mind can be a powerful tool.

It can create imaginary dreamscapes beyond wonder, but it can also find ways to warp reality. It can make the innocent look guilty, and it can convince you that your own demise is near. It can exude unrivalled creativity or shatter into a million pieces so that it becomes beyond repair.

Contained within this book, are stories formed from truths. Dreams that have turned to dust, and monsters created from nothing more than the imagination.

These are stories of twists and turns that occur in everyday life. Of the damage that can arise when reality blurs and the mind becomes filled with darkness.