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Local Charity Focus: Blue Cross – By Monika (Harrow Way School)

Blue cross is a charity which sells a mixture of donated clothes, books, toys and household goods. The money raised goes towards helping the sick, injured and homeless pets.

The Blue cross believes that no one should ever have to choose between feeding themselves and their pet. This is why the blue cross is such a supportive and inspiring charity, they take care of everyone in need. Nevertheless, the items being sold are very good quality and they never fail to leave a smile on the customers faces.

To help, you can either purchase some clothes, books, toys and household items. You can also help by donating pet food to the bank donations in order to help deliver a smile on an animals face.

As a community we should try and help one another even if it is small, it is an act of kindness and a good deed. If you are interested in helping, contact 03007771861 for more information or you can visit Or pop up to their shop in the town centre.