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Local Charity Launches New Website to Help the Families & Sufferers of Rare Disease

Picture was taken before COVID-19

Andover based charity The Abel Foundation have launched their new website to help the families and sufferers of Mitochondrial Disease, a rare disease for which there is currently no cure.

Designed and built by local web design company Bear Behind, the site allows easier access to the support network as well as a growing library of information about the disease.

Bear Behind owner, Katie Brooks, said she really enjoyed working with Abel’s parents to make the new site easy to use and find information as well as giving it a way to grow as the charity and its information does.

Abel was born in 2014 showing very high acid levels and after a lot of stressful tests, parents Tony and Claire were told their young son had Mitochondrial Disease, but it was something even the doctors knew very little about.

The Abel Foundation was set up in 2015 to help provide support for sufferers and the families of Mitochondrial Disease with their dream being to ultimately build a hospice.

Tony said “The reason for wanting to help others was the lack of information and understanding out there when he was diagnosed, it took months to find out what was wrong with Abel. 

We were scrambling around in the dark with only stress and worry to deal with.

Jordan Wylie, Patron of the charity, adventurer, explorer and one of the team on Channel 4’s The Hunted said, “I think the site is very slick, extremely user friendly and a nice clean feel and look to it which is what a charity needs, great work!”

Fellow patron and guitarist with Andover band The Troggs, Chris Britton and his wife Nid also liked the new website. He said “It’s very good, even I could find my way round it with my legendary lack of computer skill. Full of interesting info and an excellent way to keep your friends informed.”

Volunteer Karen Hamilton echoed Chris and Jordan’s comments adding “I love the new look website, great work from Bear Behind. As the person who needs to update it, I like the way it has been simplified behind the scenes as well to make my job easier.”

The Abel Foundation website can be found at www.theabelfoundation.org.uk while the support phone line can be contacted on 0333 987 4686.