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The return of the elf to Andover families homes this Christmas !

Photo by Julia Fitzpatrick

During December a special little visitor comes to stay in many family homes. It’s that time of year for the return of elf on the shelf.

What is Elf on the shelf?

An elf is sent by Santa/Father Christmas to check on our children. The festive toy begun as a childrens book in the US in 2005, tellling the story of how Santa sends a scout elf to check whether your chikdren are being naughty or nice. It’s now spread to over here to the UK. Every day in December, once the children are in bed, the elf moves to different locations in the house, so children need to hunt for him in the morning. Some elfs leave behind a small gift as well. Children can chat to the elf but cant touch him otherwise the magic will make him disappear forever !!

What Andover parents think

I ran a poll on the LoveAndover Familylife Facebook page  and found out that feelings about the elf are split 50/50, among Andover parents, some of you love him, whilst others do not.

The poll included an added comment from Ginette Pope saying , “They creep me out!! ?”

Will an elf be visiting your family home this December?

Will it be a good elf or a naughty elf?

I’d love to see photos and hear of any elf activities that take place in your family home. so that we can share them here. Please email me your photos to

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