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Top 5 Easter activities to do at home for Andover families

Here i have put together five Easter activities that i think you will enjoy doing at home with your chiildren.

1.Blow an Egg

To do this you need to use a needle to pierce the shell, the membrane, and the yolk at both ends of the egg. Try and make the hole at the bottom of the egg slightly larger than the one at the top.

Then, place a straw over the smaller hole at the top of the egg and gently blow the contents of the egg out into a bowl (which you can use for cooking if you wish). Once the egg is empty, gently rinse it out and then leave to dry.

Once you’ve got your eggs ready then it’s a simple case of painting and decorating it.

2.Build an Easter Garden

St Marys Church in Andover have shared a YouTube video, on how to make an Easter garden

3.Make some Easter Yummy Treats

These Easter Egg Frozen Yoghurt Lollies takes minutes to make and is so easy the Kids will love making them as much as they will love eating them!

You will need;

Any Yoghurt of your choice,

Any Fruit of your choice

wooden lollipop sticks

An Easter egg mould.


Using a spoon to pour some yoghurt into the mould, making sure to cover the sides. Chop up the fruit you are using and place it into the yoghurt, Put another layer of yoghurt on top so it is flush with the top of the mould and hides the fruit Wedge the wooden lolly pop sticks into the yoghurt, Place in the freezer for a few hours until completely frozen Once completely frozen you will be able to easily push them out of the silicone mould.

4.Make an Easter bonnet

An easy way to make an Easter Bonnet/ Hat, is to cut a strip of cardboard that will fit around your childs head and decorate however your child wishes

For something a bit fancy….

HobbyCraft have this great Youtube video on how to make an Easter Bonnet.

5.Make a Pinata

This idea comes from Out of the Box art studios in Andover

Pinata isn’t difficult to make and the great news is not costly at all , just takes alittle time but trust me it is worth it the end .

A balloon
Glue ,( I used wallpaper paste) but you could use PVA with part water or good old flour and water paste
Tissue paper
Masking tape
Sweet or any other small goodies

Inflate balloon
Tear news paper into strips, applying the glue onto the balloon, smoothly as you start pasting on the strips of newspaper for your first layer
In total 3 players should make it nice and strong letting each layer dry inbetween before adding your next one
when it is completely dry pop the balloon and take it out of the pinata .
Cut a small hole out then stuff with sweets . Cover hole with masking tape.
Using the card make your cones and then tape to your pinata. (as shown in the photos)
Decorated the body with tissue paper.

We would love to see your Easter activities ideas, send us your idea with a photo and we will share online and onair to other local families , giving full credit to you for your ideas and suggestions. My email is familylife@loveandover.com

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