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Grant Francis

Andover Radio: Grant Francis
Andover Radio: Grant Francis

Grant Francis, 
Programming Engineer for Andover Radio 

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Born and bred in Andover with family going back generations, Grant returns home for his next broadcasting adventure.

He’s a Portway Junior Alumni and can remember when the school had an un-heated (or so it felt) outdoor swimming pool. On coming back to Andover Grant said “It’s a lovely town, with great spirit and whats more, there’s always somewhere to get a cup of coffee”. 


BORN: January. Sometime in the ’80s.

FIRST JOB: Mobile DJ at the age of 11.

FAVOURITE FILM: Back to the future (doesn’t Andover Town Hall look like the clock tower?)

FAVOURITE SONG: That’s like asking what is your favourite type of air is

MOST LIKELY TO: End the day with a nice large rum

LEAST LIKELY TO: Partake in any type of team sport

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