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Mark Fielding

Mark Fielding
Mark Fielding

I grew up in Little Hulton, an area of Salford, which is about 8 miles west of Manchester. I have always loved music. As long as I can remember, I was forever playing records on my parents’ portable record player, even getting up in the middle of the night to go downstairs to play records.

I remember listening to the top 20 with Tom Brown on sunday evenings from about the age of 5 and I suppose that was the start of my love of the charts.

By the age of 9, I knew I wanted to be a dj, and after winning a competition at a party,when I was 10, I asked the DJ if as my prize, I could stand and watch him for the rest of the evening. To my delight, he said yes,

When I was 14, I built an AM transmitter, which had a range of about 100 M, and put myself on the air. I also started doing discos around this time.

After graduating from Salford university with a degree in electronic computer systems, I stopped DJ-ing to concentrate on a variety of day jobs and having a family.

After a conversation in 2014 with an old friend, who convinced me that I needed to be back in radio, I started working on an internet radio station, and now here I am on Andover Radio doing what I love most: presenting a retro-chart show.

Musically, my favourite period is between 1977 and 1982. There was punk and new wave, the Ska revival, disco, new romantics and the synth bands like OMD and the Human League, as well as some great british rock bands. I loved it all and still do.

Away from broadcasting and music, I love sport, particularly football: I am a Manchester United fan. I also love cricket and playing tennis.

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