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Martin Miller

Martin Miller Nostalgia Hour Andover Radio

Soundscape: 215 Project audio producer Martin Miller

Martin Miller,
Head of Nostalgia 

*STATUS UPDATE: 215 project, 1.5million views

I was born in Portsmouth, live in Whitchurch but love Andover (I’m usually eating somewhere in one of the local pubs!) I have always loved radio and started off presenting and producing a variety of showed on a local station in Portsmouth since the age of 14 with the dream of making it big one day.

Being at Andover Radio is such a great pleasure for me and one of my proudest moments thus far was choosing the music for, and helping to produce the sound scape for the 215 project in 2018 to mark 100 years since the end of WW1.

I love music as much as I love radio and have a varied taste which includes The Foo Fighters and Vampire Weekend to the music of Phillip Glass and J.S. Bach there’s so much I love and I’m Continuing to discover songs and artists old and new which have tickled my musical taste buds and moved me in some way.

Outside of radio I love to swim away the stresses of the week at the Andover Leisure Centre (I go every week). I also love to loose myself in a good book or film. Other hobbies include attending concerts, playing my flute or heading off for long walks in the countryside loosing myself in nature and my own thoughts

I currently present The Nostalgia Hour (Sunday’s from 7pm) which is a wonderful opportunity to share with people great music recorded between 1920to and 1969 from artists like Glenn Miller, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee, The Andrews Sisters and more.

With so many records to choose from and from so many different genres there’s always something different to discover and enjoy whether that’s a jaunty dance band number from the 1930s or a swinging frank Sinatra track from the 50s – new discoveries for some and memories of days gone by for others . It’s a real mixed bag and everyone is welcome to dip into it regardless of how old they are (just because the music is old doesn’t mean you have to be old to listen to!)

MARTIN MILLER’S NOSTALGIA HOUR: Sundays 7pm on 95.9FM Andover Radio.

Soundscape: 215 Project audio producer Martin Miller
Soundscape: 215 Project audio producer Martin Miller

BORN: According to my mates who are younger than me the 1800s, according to most bouncers on a night out not that long ago

FAVOURITE MOVIE: Such a hard choice as there are too many to choose from but I’m going to have to say Amadeus just because it’s all about Mozart and I love Mozart!

FAVOURITE ARTIST: Frankie Laine, his voice was just so dramatic and full of drama, romance and Passion.

LIKES: A good singalong, a catchy tune and an epic guitar solo! I also love a Hooch which I know I’m going to regret admitting

DISLIKES: People wearing blankets around them in the office or worse a dressing gown! Wear a jumper!!

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