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Mathematical whizzes in the making at Harrow Way Community School

Harrow Way - Mathletics Year 8 2017

The sums certainly add for Harrow Way’s able Year 7 and 8 Maths students who took park in the annual UK Junior Maths Challenge (UKMC), a national competition organised by the UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT).

It was another strong performance from the school with seven students awarded Silver certificates and 15 students Bronze certificates*.  Year 8 student Daniel Bullock achieved Best in Year and a Silver certificate and Charlie Holloway was awarded Best in Year 7, also winning a Silver certificate.

Commenting on the result Christina Marsh, Assistant Curriculum Leader for Mathematics said: “Maths is a particular strength here at Harrow Way with 73% of students achieving A*-C in last year’s GCSE exams.”

We always look for ways to stretch our students to push themselves and the Maths Challenge is a great way to engage them further and see how they can perform on a national platform. We want to maintain their passion for the subject and taking part in exercises such as the Maths Challenge is enjoyable as it is rewarding.”

The Junior Challenge is aimed at students in Year 7 and 8.  Over 250,000 students from across the UK sat the Challenge this year with approximately the top 6% receiving a Gold certificate, the next 13% Silver and the next 21% Bronze.  The challenge is a lively and intriguing set of multiple choice questions which are designed to stimulate interest in Maths in large numbers of students.  There are 25 multiple choice questions to be answered within one hour, sat in school under normal exam conditions.

Silver certificates were awarded to:

  • Daniel Bullock (Year 8)
  • Zachary Marshall (Year 8)
  • Rose Healey (Year 8)
  • Rob Blake (Year 8)
  • Jack Head (Year 8)
  • Charlie Holloway (Year 7)
  • Tommy Ladd (Year 7)

Bronze certificates were awarded to:

  • Abbie Ingram, (Year 8)
  • Toby Bewley (Year 8)
  • Alicia Lund (Year 8)
  • Mason Ardron (Year 8)
  • Libby West (Year 8)
  • Nancy Hurt (Year 8)
  • Thomas Purser (Year 8)
  • Callum Hunter (Year 8)
  • Darian Simpson (Year 7)
  • Tarik Kirgin (Year 7)
  • Edward Davies (Year 7)
  • Callum Brown (Year 7)
  • Shaun Scratchley (Year 7)
  • Charles Nock (Year 7)
  • Oliver Romero-Taylor (Year 7)

The UKMT’s aim is to advance the education of children and young people in mathematics. They organise national mathematics competitions and other mathematical enrichment activities for 11-18 year old UK school pupils.

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Harrow Way – Mathletics – Year 7 2017