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Motorcyclists encouraged to make their riding more enjoyable

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is encouraging motorcyclists to brush up on their skills to make their riding safer and more enjoyable.

The DVSA enhanced rider scheme is a voluntary scheme to help motorcyclists get more from their riding.

You’re never too good, and the DVSA enhanced rider scheme lets you improve the skills that will help make your riding safer and more fun.

How the scheme works

You book an appointment with an expert trainer. The trainers are passionate bikers who want to share their experience and advice to help you get more from your riding.

You’ll go for a ride out with them for between 1 and 2 hours. This is so they can see what you’re good at and any areas you might be able to improve.

If you don’t need any training, there’s nothing more to do. You’ll be sent a DVSA enhanced rider scheme certificate.

But if you do need some training, you’ll work with your trainer on a personalised training plan. When you’ve done the training, you’ll be sent a DVSA enhanced rider scheme certificate.

The cost of the scheme is set by individual trainers. Some local councils also offer a subsidy to help with the cost. Check with your trainer or local council.

Find a DVSA enhanced rider scheme trainer

Mark Winn, DVSA Chief Driving Examiner, said “DVSA’s priority is to help you through a lifetime of safe riding.

You’re never too experienced to learn more safety skills, and the DVSA enhanced rider scheme is all about helping make a ride out even more enjoyable.

While experience and riding regularly help, there’s no substitute for the training, advice and tips you’ll get from an expert trainer.”

In 2016, 319 motorcyclists died in incidents on Great Britain’s roads, and 5,553 were seriously injured. Serious injuries include things like a broken neck or back, severe head injuries and internal injuries.

During the same time, 16,785 motorcycles were involved in all reported accidents.

Taking extra training can help reduce the risk of being involved in a collision, and make any ride out more enjoyable. The DVSA enhanced rider scheme includes modules on topics including:

  • defensive riding and hazard awareness
  • progress and use of speed
  • effective braking techniques