Accident at A34 Junction with A303

Hampshire Road Policing are reporting a big accident at the A34 junction with the A303 and advising motorists to avoid the area. [Read more...]

Hampshire Road Policing are reporting a big accident at the A34 junction with the A303 and advising motorists to avoid the area.

The road is a main route for people in Andover travelling to and from Basingstoke and Winchester.

A34 A303 Accident

Update 05/09 at 9:27am

The A34 southbound exit slip for A303 and A303 westbound slip for A34 southbound is CLOSED due to the accident.
Update via ROMANSE

Update 05/09 at 10:00am

The following are currently closed and expected to re-open at around 4:00pm today:

  • The A34 Southbound Slip to the A303
  • The junction of the A303 to A34
  • The A303 Westbound Exit Slip to the A34

Update via Traffic England

Update 05/09 at 11:10am

News from Hampshire Police that sadly there was a fatality in this morning’s accident on the A34 / A303.
Update via Hampshire Police

A34 A303 Accident

Update 05/09 at 11:30am

Breeze Andover have reported that the accident happened when a 4×4 collided with a lorry.

See the full article on the Breeze Andover website.

Update 05/09 at 4:30pm

Slip roads now clear but traffic still backed up.

A34 A303 Accident 3

A34 A303 Accident 4

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  • Bullington Cross is a ridiculously designed and dangerous junction, in my opinion. I have seen so many people making dangerous U-turns because they go the wrong way, and driving erratically because they are confused at the layout. Major incidents seems to close the junction fairly regularly; the last being a few months ago.

    Yes there are sign posts, but so many motorists are becoming dependent on their sat-navs that they don’t read them properly. Having a junction that is set out oddly definitely does not help.

    The design is confusing and causes traffic jams, mainly because of the t-junction for the 303 westbound entry slip and 303 eastbound exit slip. Why it was not made into a round-a-bout under the two roads, when it was converted from a round-a-bout between the two roads, I do not know, but maybe it should have been left as a round-a-bout. It would probably be quicker and safer!

    I am just glad that after changing jobs I do not have to use this junction twice per day, and I now avoid it if at all possible!

    • I know what you mean – plus the slip road from the A34 to the Eastbound A303 (Basingstoke direction) is very very short.

      • Agreed, that slip road is very dangerous! I used it every morning for a year commuting to my previous job and saw many close calls because people already on the 303 were not taking account of the people joining and their relatively slow speed due to the the length of slip-road and the sharp bend before it. Also people on the slip road coming to a stop, which is about the worst thing you could do! Luckily most people are in the right-hand lane there due to overtaking other traffic that is slowing down to leave the 303.

        I am sorry to hear that there has been a fatality and my thoughts are with the bereaved family.

        I can only hope that Bullington Cross will be reviewed and changed to avoid these accidents, which always seem to be serious when they happen. So much traffic goes through this ridiculous junction that something should be done.

        • A terrible accident with yet another fatality on our roads. My sincere condolences go out to those concerned.

          Jaqcui, you mention “people coming to a stop, which is about the worst thing you could do” on the slip road.
          If it isn’t safe to move out, stopping is exactly what you MUST do. The junction is one road joining another, those on the slip road should be prepared to stop if it is not safe to proceed. There is no ‘right of way’ to move out.
          Far too many people believe that they DO have a right of way and others must move out of their way. Totally wrong I’m afraid.

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