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The Andover candidates for the Hampshire County Council Elections 2013 have been announced - and it looks like a fight between 4 parties for the 3 Andover seats and the Test Valley Central one. [Read more...]

The Andover candidates for the Hampshire County Council Elections 2013 have been announced – and it looks like a fight between 4 parties over the 3 Andover seats and the same for the Test Valley Central seat.

Whilst the majority of candidates are from within Andover and the immediate villages, there are  couple from further afield in the Andover South area.

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In the 2009 county elections all 3 seats were won by the Conservatives as well as the Andover South by-election in 2010 after the death of David Kirk.

Judging by the poll currently running on the website, it looks to be a fight between UKIP and the Lib Dems. However, voter apathy – or enthusiasm – could prove this very wrong.

We will be covering the campaigns, the candidates and the elections over the coming weeks.

The Parties

  • Conservatives
  • Lib Dems
  • Labour
  • UKIP

The Seats

  • Andover North
  • Andover South
  • Andover West

Andover North

  • Len Gates – Andover (Lib Dem)
  • Pam Mutton – Andover (Conservative)
  • Timothy Rolt – Andover (UKIP)
  • Ryan Sutton – Andover (Labour)

Andover South

  • David Drew – Andover (Conservative)
  • Ross Fifield – Andover (Lib Dem)
  • Tony Hooke – Yateley (UKIP)
  • Conor Morris – Winchester (Labour)

Andover West

  • Katherine Bird – Andover (Lib Dem)
  • Alan Cotter – Andover (Labour)
  • Pat West – Andover (Conservative)
  • Norman Woods – Andover (UKIP)

Test Valley Central

  • Andrew Gibson – Chilbolton (Conservative)
  • Richard Rowles – Wherwell (Lib Dem)
  • Elizabeth Sowerby – North Baddesley (Labour)
  • Michael Wigley – Timsbury (UKIP)
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  • David Drew is not dead, as stated above, David Kirk sadly passed away. David Drew currently holds the seat.

  • Would the candidates be willing to set up facebook accounts, to allow electors to discuss topics with them?

  • I will vote for anyone who comes up with a workable strategy for restoring Andover to a viable market town. It may take years after the mismanagement and neglect wrought by successive local councillors but someone needs to come up with a VISION!

    • It may be worth pointing out that the elections are for “county” seats at Hampshire and not borough seats at Test Valley.

      That said, yes we need someone that will pledge to work for Andover.

  • In my opinion the key to rejuvenating Andover Town lies in three areas.
    1. Parking
    2. Refurbishing the High Street
    3. Lowering business and residential rates

    Why pay nearly £2 for parking in the town centre and walk to the shops when you can park by the door of Tesco, Sainsbury or Asda out of town sites free of charge. Aldershot enjoys dash and go parking for just 20p per half hour. That town has hit rock bottom and is now bouncing back.
    Answer: lower car park charges and introduce dash and go parking to the town centre. By having more spaces there will be less congestion because cars will not be queuing to get into 3 main car parks.

    Refurbish the town centre
    From the bottom of the High Street by the nail bar to the front of the Guildhall, there is 135 items of street furniture including 7 large ugly balls and stainless steel pole which have no purpose, pergolas with dead foliage and bins surrounded by literally hundreds of blobs of chewing gum.
    Answer: remove these redundant and ugly articles and create an area suitable for a high grade food market. (See pictures of Paignton in Devon).

    Ensure both TVBC and Hampshire County Council establish effective scrutiny committees. Consider these examples of excessive waste:
    Chief executive officer annual remuneration package £234,500
    HCC meetings screenings set up costs £230,000
    Every lamppost replaced irrespective of need, cost yet to be established
    In January alone this year TVBC cost over £800,000 to run. This is money that we, the rate payers are providing at will.

    Andover Vision
    In the 50s Andover was a vibrant and bustling town. Today it has it’s challenges which will only be resolved if we pull together as a community. I am sure that some of the answers to its future will come from the town summit meetings, however there is a lot more to be done in the coming 24 months or so. My vision is to lift Andover into the Halifax Top 50 towns to live in Great Britain.

    10 April 2013

    • Why not close the High Street completely and concentrate all our shopping requirements in big Tesco and Tesco express? I have been calling for nearly two years now for the Town to wake up and look at the future. Bit by bit we are losing the town centre with more closures imminent. The loss of McDonalds has been significant. Foot fall is severely down in the Chantry centre. One of the key areas to focus positive action on is clearly the parking. Is anybody in this town prepared to get behind me or am I a lone voice who has misjudged the situation? I note my previous post did not get a single reply.

      • Tony,your thoughts for the future of our town are are on the right track. The rent for the shops are too high and deffinatlety the parking is a rip off. I will be voting UKIP.

  • I wonder if the UKIP candidates could put FB details on? All other parties seem to be represented in our online discussions about the town apart from UKIP If they want to add me I will happily ad them to the conversations.

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