Andover Election Results 2013

It was an excellent night for UKIP in Andover and a two horse race as they took 2 of the 4 seats on the Hampshire County Council with the Conservatives taking the others. [Read more...]

It was an excellent night for UKIP in Andover and a two horse race as they took 2 of the 4 seats on the Hampshire County Council with the Conservatives taking the others.

The Andover North result was released first with Timothy Rolt (UKIP) beating Pam Mutton (CONS) by just 10 votes. This was shortly followed by the announcement of UKIP’s Tony Hooke beating David Drew into 2nd place by 56 votes.

The Conservatives managed to pull one back with Pat West (CONS) beating Norman Woods (UKIP) by 296 votes.

The final result of the night was Test Valley Central where Andrew Gibson (CONS) held the seat.

All the results can be seen on the Andover Election Results page.

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  • Well done to the 2 new faces!!!
    At least we will get to hear how effective or ineffective Mrs. West really is & what she actually does apart from attending parish council meetings.
    Perhaps Mrs. West will now answer the questions I have put to her in the last 2 months but has consistently failed to answer adequately!
    I have a string of emails from her in response to my questions which I feel should be published on here.

  • Strange thing elections ….
    In a division with the largest swing away from the conservatives of 18.6% they hold the seat but in another, a swing of 12%, they loose?
    Well I’m pleased the people of Andover now have 2 alternative representatives in county hall to represent their views and call to account the actions of the 2 conservatives.

  • Having now looked at the official turnout percentages for the 3 Andover division seats, there is a clear message to all the political parties seeking our votes. They really need to start learning how to connect or re connect with the electorate.
    A return to civic leadership is vital to maintain a healthy and robust interest in what happens or could happen. The main cause of the lack of interest is plain :
    a) the ‘cabinet’ system that gives a minority of any council full control of what happens.
    b) the scrutiny committees are nothing more than ‘ rubber stamping’ exercises
    c) lack of effective opposition by councillors AND RESIDENTS
    d) woeful lack of communication to residents by elected councillors (once every 4 years in most cases!! – If ever at all in others!) both county & borough
    e) do you know who your councillor is or where they live?

    When did you last have your Councillor knock at your door to ask you ANYTHING other than when they are seeking election?

    Local politics is not boring, it can be invigorating & achieve results, your councillor is there to represent you. It is YOUR hard earned money they are spending! & the county council spends the most of your council tax.

    It’s time for residents start to make the things we want happen – not what the political parties think we want.! We deserve better.

  • I will be interviewed by radio Solent after 9am this morning ;). On the breakfast show.

  • Looks like a bloody nose for the Tories, people are tired of the old regime, yesterdays election results confirm this, new blood is what we need, role on the next borough election and hope more change will come about.

  • Glad to see UKIP have won a couple of seats as a traditional conservative supporter I am very disillusioned with them at present, hopefully we will see some benefit to it all, the very best to them.

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