Andover War Memorial Campaign Gathers Pace

A campaign to get the Andover War Memorial moved from the grounds of St Mary's Church back to it's original site in front of the Guildhall is now online. [Read more...]
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A campaign to get the Andover War Memorial moved from the grounds of St Mary’s Church back to it’s original site in front of the Guildhall is now online.

Organised by Liz Ferla – who recently successfully campaigned to have the Union Flag flown on TVBC buildings – the campaign is now collecting signatures online via the website.

Liz said “The Borough is the base for the British Army Headquarters. Our unique memorial should have pride of place in our town. We ask that it is returned to the Guildhall, under our national flag.

To sign the petition go to and it will take to to the relevant campaign page.

Andover War Memorial
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  • I’ve read & digested the many comments, both for and against, the proposal mostly though the Andover Advertiser. On balance I feel it right it be returned to the centre of the town for all to see and be reminded of the sacrifice of others in the name of our country. Yes, there will be graffiti and other rubbish, but this happens and we will have to deal with it as and when. Whilst I agree that the quality of where it stands at present is great, it is rather hidden away and wouldn’t be known to the many unless they seek it out. Being hidden in St Mary’s grounds is hiding the sacrifice, almost as if an embarrassment. Put if back, Mr Carr, or risk the Conservatives losing their seats.

  • Such a balanced view Patrick, couldn’t agree more. And this is a community project, I set it up, but the town will show how they feel x

  • I wholeheartedly agree with the idea of moving the Cenotaph back to its rightful place. The people it commemorates made the ultimate sacrifice so that tyrants would not triumph. To have their names tucked away in a dark corner is a disgrace. We should also remember that nearly half the Great War dead have no known resting place – a name on a memorial like ours is the nearest their loved ones could get to their grave in their mourning and remembrance. Honour their sacrifice too – and let us be proud of it.

  • For me Binyons first stanza of his famous poem captures it all.

    They went with songs to the battle,they were young.
    Straight of limb,true of eyes,steady and aglow.
    They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted,
    They fell with there faces to the foe.

    We don’t have the right to decide where the memorial is situated. The original position was in front of the Guild Hall. All those who decide that it should be in the High Street have now passed. So the only place it can go is there. No where else.

  • As an Ex serviceman, I’d rather like to see it stay where it is. The grounds of the Church are ideal for those who wish to remember in peace and quiet, and the chances of vandalism much less.

    • Actually, the only place one of our war memorials has ever been vandalised is in the churchyard, when the WW2 plaques were graffitied! In the high street the memorial will be covered by CCTV, so anyone attempting to vandalise it would be easily identifiable. The memorial is supposed to be seen by people as they go about their daily business in the town. It was erected as a constant reminder of the sacrifices made by Andoverians in all wars, not just WW1. It is not meant to be hidden away, and sought out once a year on Rememberance Sunday. The sooner it is back where the people who lost family members originally put it, the better, especially given how busy Rememerance Sunday is now, and how unsuitable the churchyard has become for that commemoration.

  • To move or not to move, that is a debateable question, I do believe however that it should be situated in a prominent place for all to view and not hidden away in a corner of a church yard., yes put it back to it’s original location, let us not forget the names that are carved in stone.

  • you would not move the memorial of anyone else from a quiet rememberance garden to a busy high street, so why move this one? its fine where it is


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