Chantry Street “Tower Block” – What Do You Think?

A proposed 8 storey development for the old Ford Cottage site would provide a boost for the town say developers but Andover Town Council say it is out of character. What do you think? [Read more...]

There was an article in the Andover Advertiser this week about the planning permission being granted for the new Churchill Retirement apartments due to be built on the site of the old Ford Cottage.

Titled “Controversy Over Tower Block Plan” it was referring to Andover Town Council objecting to an 8 storey building going up on the corner of Chantry Street and West Street in Andover. Click here for the letter (PDF format).

Churchill Apartments

The objections were on the basis of it was “out of character with Andover”. Further concerns were raised that:

  • The proposed 37 car parking spaces for 96 dwellings were not enough;
  • The seven proposed retail units may not be sustainable in Andover;

There were also two letters of objection to the development – from South Street and Portland Grove.

Churchill Apartments Drawing

The developers are saying that in addition to the 96 units (and 37 parking spaces) there will be:

  • Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Financial & professional services

It would give the town a boost regarding development – but do you feel this development is worth it?

The original plans were to have had a hotel located on the site however with the current economic climate this has been shelved so the choice appears to be either this development or nothing.

Churchill Apartments Aerial

What are your views on the development? A good idea? Does Andover need it? Is it out of character? Does Andover need to change? Post your views in the comments and we’ll pass them on.

To read more on the planning permission details on the TVBC system click here.

Churchill Retirement have a section dedicated to the development on their website.

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  • The dwellings are 96 sheltered apartments for the elderly including communal facilities. As the accommodation is in the town centre, can it really be argued that 37 parking spaces are insufficient????
    Any retail outlets NOT under the control of the Chantry Centre will bring competition into play, and can only be of benefit to me, the customer.
    Andover has massively increased in size, and needs the facilities that go with a bigger town.
    At this moment, the Andover buses are only used to take people out of Andover to spend their money, then bring them back home

  • Agree that it needs more parking spaces. Anything that competes with the ugly, expensive Chantry Centre must be a good thing. Looks very nice so will definitely be out of character with the rest of Andover Town Centre

  • Despite being an ugly 8 story building that I hope we can all live with once it’s in place…. I stand by my objection that it’s out character for that spot.

  • The site has been derelict for as long as I can remember. 97 flats likely to bring 150 residents to the area. I think we desperately need it. In my opinion it can only be a good thing. On the parking front 5500 homes for Picket 20 but not one extra space created in the town or at the station. Another wonderful piece of planning by TVBC.

  • I think it would be beneficial to have residential provision in the town centre and have no objections to the idea or the nature overall. My objection lay in the scale of the building on that site.

    While some seem to find it aesthetically pleasing, I may be alone in that I do not. Something on a much smaller scale , further back from pavement level with front landscaping wouldn’t have had me objecting.

    St Mary’s Church will not be anything like as wonderfully visible as it is now and that is something I find saddening. I want to *like* this project as it has many merits…….but the scale of it forbids that.

  • my main question is, are these homes gonna be affordable for the people or will they be massively over priced like most retirement homes seem to be

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