Concern Over White Markings on Houses

There is concern in Andover as white marks have been spotted on house walls – usually after visits from cold callers. [Read more...]

There is concern in Andover as white marks have been spotted on house walls – usually after visits from cold callers.

Police reported via Twitter earlier today (Wednesday 14th August) that they were aware of it.

We’ve had reports of sus incidents in Andover overnight, cold callers and paint being marked outside houses. We are looking into it.

We’re aware of rumours of links to dog thefts, however, we’ve had no reports of this. If you notice any sus activity, please call 101

Residents have reported cold callers offering facias and soffits as well as second hand window frames.

White Wall Marks

Image thanks to Sarah McGuire Brown.

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  • mine was a blue spray painted line and he made comments about my dog sounding vicious , then my son had seen the “spotted andover” and told me later when i went out to check i had a blue line about 9inchs long on wall which was not there the day before and notice two other blue lines on other houses i always stand at door when letting dogs out and have been making it clear im in garden! i have spray painted over line so they that i know!! and secured garden

      • Has there been any further markings as all seems quiet on Facebook currently with no other mentions of this happening?

        • Haven’t seen anything although people were advised to contact 101 if they spotted anything suspicious. If there was anything going on, hopefully all the talk about it has scared off the perpitrators.

  • I have two friends who have told me that they have had the same experience. One in Swallow Fields and one in Vigo Road. They had Irish accents so that should be help in finding and putting a stop to them. To be fore warned is to fore armed !

  • My sisters gate was marked on Wednesday, a man knocked on the door and was asking whether she was a home owner or not, this was on Cricketers Way, a neighbour was watching and then after they tried knocking on his door which he did not answer he went and told her.

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