Councillor Hooke Responds After Police Questioning

"Put up or shut up” was the message from Councillor Tony Hooke after being questioned yesterday over alleged bribery issues. [Read more...]

Put up or shut up” was the message from Councillor Tony Hooke after being questioned yesterday over alleged bribery issues.

In an interview with Andover Town, Councillor Hooke explained how his offer to help local charity Neighbourcare has been suggested as “bribing the electorate” – an offence under the Representation of the People Act 1983 section 113.

He said “Over the last 6-8 weeks there has been a witch-hunt to try and get something on me by others. This has led to most aspects of my business and personal life being checked out however the only item they could find against me were two lines in the Andover Advertiser where I said I would give my county allowance to Neighbourcare, a local charity.

Before the election I was told this was a very noble gesture. I made it clear that it was no gesture but a protest against the cuts Hampshire County Council had forced on Neighbourcare.”

Asked whether he thought he had broken the law he said “I do not believe for one moment I have broken the law. However if the people of Andover South feel I have transgressed the spirit of the law then they should have the right to recall me”.

He then explained how he firmly believe in the right to recall politicians and councillors and that if 20% of the electorate in Andover South wanted it, he would stand to fight his seat again.

I would like to get on with my job as councillor so I would say to those trying to stop me, now is the time to put up or shut up”.

Tony Hooke

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  • Tony is a dedicated and brave politician who puts his constituents before any thought of personal glory. This is the reward he gets from envious political opponents who, rather than do something to help the people of this town, prefer to dig dirt to try and besmerch the reputation of an open and honest, hard-working councillor.

    At European, National and Local level, politicians think they can Lord it over us, the plebs. Well, Mr Barroso, Mr Van Rumpoy, Mr Cameron, Mr Clegg, Mr Milliband, Cllr Perry, Cllr Carr WE THE PEOPLE have had enough of your arrogant nonsense. UKIP’s approach is a breath of fresh air, one the people of this country are turning to for salvation, despite the best efforts of the “elite” and the biased national media to ignore, ridicule or terrorise the only truly democratic party this country has now.

    Whoever did this deserves the kicking the electorate will give them the next time they have the chance to put an “X” in a box on a ballot paper.

  • My my this is really scraping the barrel. Are this man’s accusers saying then that they would NEVER give any money to charity? I think this says so much more about them than it does about this man – who does actually sound very noble indeed (whether he accepts the accolade or not).
    It is like they can’t comprehend that an elected representative of local people would actually put those people at the top of his agenda!!!
    This is concerning – people of Andover, look at these accusers very carefully now – make sure they are acting in YOUR best interests, not their own.
    Don’t Mayors usually have a chosen charity too – is this “electoral bribery” then?

  • This is an outrageous waste of police resources. From what I have seen, Councillor Hooke has been active in challenging the establishment of Andover and has supported some excellent causes, which in the long term, will certainly improve the town.

    I have never met councillor Hooke; however, if I were to vote for him, it would be for his positive attitude, his welcoming of change and the support he gives to positive causes. Whilst any charitable donation would be a noble gesture, it would not be for this reason that I would vote for him.

    Give a good man a break. This is embarrassingly futile and does the town’s reputation no favours!!!

    • Amazing. One half of the Establishment takes money from big businesses and the other half is bribed by the unions.
      Councillor Hooke is a breath of fresh air. He gives his county allowance to help a local charity so he should be applauded.
      Shame on the old fashioned and failing Establishment political parties and well done UKIP.

  • Do I note a sense of jealousy from the person that proposed these allegations, because they either never thought of giving their allowance too,nor indeed would consider donating it to a charity, well it is indeed sad to know that people in authority have this attitude and they are the ones that are running this Town.

    Cllr Hook in my opinion is working to improve this Town for the benefit of all that live in and use it, it is unfortunate that the majority of Councillor’s that have been in power for years, have let it go to what we see today.

    Hats of to you Tony, keep up the good work.

  • Well Done Councillor Hooke KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK .The LibLabCon just don’t get it when someone wants to help the community without lining their own pockets

  • Debbie Long Chair of Saving Deeside Residential Care Home Campaign – Cllr Tony Hooke, on top of all his other duties along with running a business in Andover Town, has given up his time to support us in our campaign. This man is constantly on the go, from different venue to venue in supporting people in need of his support as a Councillor on their behalf. A true Councillor in my opinion, I can only assume from this accusation, that this is some small minded jealous egotistical ass, jealous and frightened of Cllr Hooke’s immediate success in his borough. Congratulations should go to Tony Hooke not accusations.

  • Imagine a Councillor who actually kept his election promise, no wonder this was a cause for concern with the Tories and Lib Dems!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I know how much work Cllr Hooke has put into local causes, as well as running his own business and carrying out his work as a County Councillor. He hasn’t disappeared off on holiday like some.
    Instead , he organised a quiz night this week for Neighbour Care, various other weekend fund raisers, as well as given up his allowance. He does so much work in the back ground for other causes, giving practical help, advice and his time.
    How dare they besmirch his character like this? Absolutely appalled by their behaviour. If I ever had any doubts about who I would vote for in the next election, I have none now. And it certainly wont be the the ones who believe they hold the power at present, or think its criminal to support the community. You dont have the power, WE DO!!!!!!

    • That’s the trouble, Liz, they think he shouldn’t have made a promise, a promise to be charitable to a charity that the Tory-led Council had decided was not worthy of £82K of OUR money, while paying their senior executives more and more, and spending more of our money on other overheads.

      It is time for a massive change in thinking in state spending. Front-line services should be made sacrosanct in terms of cuts, although there is never anything wrong with looking for ways for them to do more with the same resources. But the “back office” of management and support has to be examined, job by job, cost item by cost item, and only allow that which is absolutely essential to maintaining the front-line service. I know, I have worked in government. The way the system works, it is self-perpetuating – for every manager or bureaucrat that gets overloaded, the response is to seek another post, rather than looking at why that person is getting overloaded, and doing something about that.

      Managers are there to provide resources to the front-line, NOT to email each other and attend lots of meetings.

  • I have to say I have spent 2 years looking into politics so I could make my election decisions while knowing what I was talking about. Locally I vote for the person and Nationally by the party, Who knew politics was really about who you sleep with and how determined you are to do what you want regardless of what the people that voted you in want.
    So far Cllr Hooke seems to be trying to help a huge amount of people while taking on lots of other tasks. As a man with a business I am not sure where he finds the time to help so many, attend meetings and do his job.
    It is sad more Councillors do not do this for the money but to help the local community.
    Time for a change?
    Well done Councilor, keep it up.

  • Hats off to you Tony. Chin up.

    This town desperately needs active politicians like you.

    This course of action simply proves how scared the old guard are of change, innovation and progress.

  • I was waiting for Tony (Hooke) to attend a Special Forces Dinner at the Victory Services club on Friday 4th October. I wonder where he was and the following morning I receive a text from him saying that he had been arrested for electoral fraud. I and my Special Forces friends thought it was a joke.
    I’ve known Tony for over 33 years in Special Forces and afterwards he has always been very energetic in building his business or the ideals he believes in. We have never doubted Tony’s integrity and would trust him with our lives and have done.
    I disagree with Tony politically but he is a man of honour.
    Peter Jones GM QGM

    • Sir, don’t you find it ironic that Cllr Hooke is accused of fraud while other Councillors claim money then don’t put the work in????????

  • There are many reasons politicians are held in low esteem by the public and here’s another one. Cllr Hooke makes a donation to Charity and other politicians, instead of getting on with the important business of the day, try to do him down for it. Shame on them.

  • Makes you proud to be British, doesn’t it? All those years of selfless service to Queen, Country and community and then Tony gets stitched up by some narrow minded, self-serving buffoons for the grave ‘offence’ of making a donation to a charity!
    Well done Tony. When they resort to such desperate measures you know you’re starting to worry them. Hope to see you at the next dinner – that’s if the boys in blue haven’t nicked you for walking on the cracks in the pavement.

  • Carry on Councillor Hooke, you certainly appear to have ”them ” worried. It strikes me that the Hampshire Constabulary should be giving thought to prosecuting ”them” for wasting police time!!

  • Political policing is usually confined to a John Le Carre novel or the like. Cllr Tony would appear to have been a victim of political opponents attempting to besmirch his good name and reputation. Using the Police to further their grubby cause is worrying; whoever authorised the arrest, seems to have been lacking in due diligence at the very least. Good to see so many ordinary folk have seen through the charade. Public representatives like Tony Hooke need to be seen to succeed.

  • To all my friends who have commented on here many thanks your support has been amazing and your kind wishes inspiring. To my accuser I bare you no malice. I am sure you thought you could gain political advantage. On this occassion I cannot say I would have done the same thing however. You have scored an own goal by targeting such a popular charity. This morning I had coffee with my very good friend Matt O’Connor. He said remember the quote from Gandhi :First they ignor you, then they ridicule you,then they fight,and then you win.
    Thanks all as I said all your comments have been inspirational. Have a good week end see you all next week x


    Recently elected political man-of-action Tony Hooke investigated for KEEPING election promises. Shock horror, he donates his public income to CHARITY!

    Are the political pond life who have driven Andover to the edge of extinction so debased that they think that ethical politics and donating money to charity is a matter for the police?

    I am told that the twisted cretin who thinks this is a good wheeze will shortly be revealed. (I would say now, but I don’t want to steal anyones thunder).

    With Guy Fawkes night coming up, it would be a good time to clear out the rotten political wood with a bonfire in Andover. Light em up!

  • “Many Conservatives worry that the UK Independence Party will take enough votes to deny them victory in 2015. On Tuesday (October, 2013 Conference), Mr Cameron urged UKIP supporters to return to the Conservatives. “Now is the time to go to those people who have gone to UKIP. I am appealing to them very directly.” ”

    David Cameron said he regrets using the term “fruitcakes” and has asked defectors to return, but do TVBC and HCC Tory chiefs listen? No way – they continue to scheme and conive to expel and destroy anybody who dares to question them. Many true Conservatives have lost any respect for certain councillors who just seem to be in it for the kudos and expenses.

    Time was when all Councillors did the job to give something back to the society which had treated them well. Tony Hooke seems to be one of that ilk and even if I don’t fully share his UKIP beliefs I applaud his integrity and desire to make a good job of what he was elected for.

  • There is a reason why people are now supporting UKIP, and Tony Hooke exemplifies that reason. We have had enough of the self serving ‘elite’ of our towns and need to get back to the community minded sacrifices in time and dedication of our councillors and indeed politicians, of previous times. Councillors, If you are in it for yourselves and the money only, take heed, we don’t want you! Leave before you are pushed!

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