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How and when to apply for a secondary school place in Andover, Hampshire

If your child is in year 6 of a primary or junior school, you will need to apply for a Year 7 place in a secondary school for September 2020 within the next few months !!!

I know i was surprised at how soon i had to apply for a space when my eldest was in Year 6.

Applications for spaces are now open and the  national application deadline 31 October 2019

You need to apply for your childs place via the Hantsweb website here

You can find out which school is your catchment school, here, BUT you can apply for ANY school that you want to, choice the one which suits your childs needs the best.

Your child’s primary school will send out letters with local secondary school open days, try and go to them all to help make your choice.

The 3 main Secondary schools in Andover, Hampshire

  • Harrow way community School. The school website can be visited here
  • John Hanson Community School. The school website can be visited here
  • Winton Academy. The school website can be visited here

The national notification date for  applicants is 1 March 2019, this is when you will find out what secondary school your child has gained a place at.

Year R and 3 applications Applications open on 1 November 2019, we will share further details on this when applications open.

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