Election Called for Town Council Winton Ward Vacancy

The Andover Town Clerk was informed that an election has been called for the vacant seat in Winton ward for the Town Council yesterday, 8th May. [Read more...]
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The Andover Town Clerk was informed that an election has been called for the vacant seat in Winton ward for the Town Council yesterday, 8th May.

I was disappointed to receive this news because I had hoped we would be able to co-opt a suitable community minded individual and not have to spend £15,000 on an election. That figure represents over 10% of the Council’s total annual budget. Money which I believe could have been put to better use and which will in any case seriously impact on the work we will be able to carry out next year” said Cllr David Drew, Chairman of the Council.

The Council already sets aside £8,000 every year for elections which normally take place every four years. The next elections are due in 2015, at the same time as those for the Borough Council and possibly the General Election too.

David Drew went on to say “With only two years to go until our next elections I do question the need to have an expensive election at this time. Any new Councillor will take much of the time left to get to know how we operate before campaigning starts again: it’s hardly worth the £15,000 in my opinion.

Test Valley Borough Council has advised that the election will be held on the 11th July with nominations closing on the 14th June.

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  • vote for me! I will do nothing until I know what needs to be done and even then prob do nothing about it

    • Ok Roy, I’d vote for you if you promise to remain as elusive and shy as my town,borough & county councillors in Harroway ward. None of whom I’ve met or have ever canvassed me in all the time I’ve lived ay my current address & none have them let me know what they actually do for me.
      As for the chair of the town council stating he wants to co opt a new councillor…..he needs to be reminded that we still live in a democracy and that he and his fellow cohorts are only in office due to the electorate. Of course he would want to co opt a fellow Tory.
      It’s just that sort of typical Tory arrogance that has Andover & Test Valley in such a moribund state.
      We know just how the town council operates …..all done by Tory councillors who actively campaigned at borough level Against a town council.
      I’ve always supported governance by the people to the lowest level of representation but I’ve yet to see any added value from our town council…..yet!!!

  • No, Cllr Drew is “disappointed” that the Tory’s did not manage to convince a “mate” to slide into the post un-noticed. As to what the Town Council does, well its still a mystery, asking the Christmas Lights guy to put the lights up and take them down and screw up the allotments seems to be the sum total of it.

    • Spot on, Nadine. Let David Drew tell us the benefits of what the Town Council does, rather than how much it spends. From what you say, it would appear that we get poor value for money from it. Perhaps with an energetic, fresh-minded and community orientated councillor who has the mandate of the people, that £15,000 can be saved over the next 2 years, and the savings would be made year on year then.

  • The recent local elections have demonstrated that the people of Andover want a change. It is disappointing to note the comments (which hear time and time again) that the Cllrs seem to have lost contact with the residents. Yes the £8,000 or £15,000 to have the By-election could be better placed within the community, but surely having a local Town councillor who speaks to the residents, listens and is proactive in driving change for the better is worth it? To have the election meant that a number of residents within the ward wanted to have their opinion and not have the Town Council “co-opt” a fellow Conservative.

    As to “how the Town Council operates”? I am convinced that the Town Council should be there for the residents it serves, not hide. It will take time to visit and speak to all the residents, but something has to be done at local level to drive a proactive council for Andover and change some of the current apathy felt; possibly derived from the lack of previous interaction.

  • Nadine and Mike

    The pair of you sound like the neighbours of a 42 year old,living at home with his mum,who has just found out that Father Christmas does not exist.Imagine how that feels and the hurt you have caused.People like you simply don’t understand the workings of our Town Council.It is far more than an ego trip or a funfare fantasy ride.
    The chamber looks resplendent and grand with David sitting in a quite regal high backed chair with important operators either side of him.Microphones are used and members are treated with respect and called Councillor.You mind want to go and visit one of these meetings as often 1 or 2 members of the public attend.You will then understand how important Town Council is,it helps to train citizens wishing to move up to TVBC as there are committees and titles to go with those committees.It also helps to counsel those on the way down,who have had high office but no longer hold it.
    May I point out the importance of duplication.I bet neither of you tell me how many Councillors have seats on both the Town Council and the Borough Council.
    As for the £15,000 the election will cost,it’s nothing to do with you,it’s public money.That money could have been used to buy a civic gold chain for the leader of the Council.
    The election also poses the real threat that someone is elected who has contrary views to the ruling authority and this is just not acceptable!

    • How can an election pose a threat to someone who is elected? The replacement is democratically elected. And with what authority do you say that it is “none of our business” on the cost of an election? It is every part of every ratepayer’s business as we are the ones who pay for it. That is the trouble at all levels of government nowadays, they spend far too much of OUR money, believing they know better how to spend it than the ordinary citizen who has to make ends meet every week or every month.

  • Maybe David Drew could summarise what the Town Council has done for the Town so far and how much it has cost.

  • The cost is a concern, naturally! Perhaps if I stood as a candidate unopposed the cost would be saved?

    Equally, the comments are interesting. Didn’t Mr Drew come to be a Councillor by way of a By-Election himself??


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