Email Sent to Candidates – But Still Some Missing

An email has now gone out to all the candidates for the Hampshire County Council Elections that could be traced - however am still trying to find several. [Read more...]

An email has now gone out to all the candidates for the Hampshire County Council Elections that could be traced – however am still trying to find:

  • Alan Cotter
  • Elizabeth Sowerby
  • Conor Morris
  • Timothy Rolt
  • Norman Woods
  • Michael Wigley

Whilst doing this a few things surprised me:

  • Only one candidate appears to have anything looking like an election page;
  • Trying to trace candidates policies is a nightmare;
  • Trying to trace candidates is a nightmare;
  • I live in Andover and have seen no leaflets;
  • Nobody has knocked on my door canvassing;

Is it any surprise that people do not vote? There seems to have been a few “your party is worse than mine” spats but very little “if I get elected I will do this…”.

With just over a week to go, will the various parties get their acts together? It’s going to be an interesting few days…

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  • I’ve had one leaflet each from the Tory and Lib Dem candidate in Andover North. Not sure I’ll be voting for either of them this time round – although I will vote – cannot complain about them if you don’t take time to vote…

    • I have had 2 leaflets from David Drew in Andover South, no one else. I won’t be voting for someone who can’t read I am afraid. I have 2 pretty big signs on my front door that say “No Junk Mail or Electorial Canvassing” so he has failed on the first very basic task.

  • I’ve had leaflets from Tony Hook & Andrew Gibson this week. I’m sorry to say I’ve never heard of Mr Gibson, although according to the leaflet, he’s represented me since 2009!

    Haven’t had a knock on my door in the 10 years I’ve lived here.
    Andover does have a lot of homes, but as people become less likely to vote, surely it’s more important for candidates to ensure their profile is more public?

  • In answer to this,it is quite a concern that the many hours of canvassing I have done do not
    appear to be enough,so I have hired the Guild Hall on tuesday 30th april and challenge all local
    candidates to a live debate.This is a public event so anyone interested may attend.

  • backtrack, just had a lady conservative at the door, asking for my support! She went on to explain its the local elections, not national, I must look dumb!!!!!!!!
    The Conservatives have been in power here in Andover for many years, and are responsible for the schools and roads. I explained that was a terrible advert for them, just behind her is a huge pothole!!!!!!!!
    She left

  • There is lots of ground to cover for one candidate. I totally underestimated the amount of work involved. I was outside Asda yesterday in between showers with the UKIP car. Lots of questions from the public, the main theme was the lack of shops and the state of the Chantry Centre. I collected approx. 50 signatures for the petition to lower rent/ rates in the Chantry Centre. If there are any particular questions for me, then please call 352489 Monday to Saturday 8am to 6 pm and leave a message. I will get back to you. I will not be campaigning on Sunday. I am at a car boot sale trying to raise funds for Neighbour Care. I will be canvassing Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and hope to get my views across to as many people as possible. Because of the important nature of this election, I have arranged a hustings meeting at the Upper Guildhall on Tuesady at 7 pm. This will be independently by a C of E Reverend. I don’t have a campaign page and that is an oversight by me, however people are still finding me, and latest tasking includes tackling the noise pollution Floral Way/A303 , and speed around schools and other sensitive areas. If anyone else feels they are currently being under-represented, please contact me on 352489 or leave a message on my Facebook page.

    • Please let me know general areas which have not been leafleted and I will do my best to get drops arranged. I will also post on to the organisers in the other parties. I think that Tracey Kirk and Nigel Long con and lib are both doing a good job of getting their message out . Don’t forget we also have jobs but not lives.

  • Where election material has not been sent to I will try and get it out. I am very happy to take round other candidates material. It will be treated with respect and no comment will be made. However I feel it is important that as many people as possible can see as much info as possible. So other candidates let us have some of your leaflets and we will get them out. Thankyou.

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