Football Dream Comes True for Hardworking Andover Boy

A dream has come true for Amir Gied, a young Andover footballer who’s signed a scholarship with Swindon Town. [Read more...]

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A dream has come true for a young Andover footballer who’s signed a scholarship with Swindon Town.

Amir Gied, from Springfield Close, has been snapped up by the League One team who are currently pushing for promotion to the Championship and will start full time with the club from July.

His scholarship programme blends daily top quality coaching at the club, with matches against other professional teams and BTEC coaching qualifications.

The 16-year-old Testbourne School student, who lives with mum and dad, Alsya and Gwyn, is absolutely delighted with the news and hopes this is the first step to a career in football. But it hasn’t come easy.

Earlier this year, Amir took the tough decision to move from his long term Andover club of Lee Filters to play in Southampton to improve his chances of being spotted by scouts. And for three intense months, he worked with trainers at the Andover Leisure Centre to improve his fitness and give his dream the very best shot of becoming real.

“It’s a dream come true,” said Amir, who’s played football since he was at Vigo Infants when he seven.

“To get the scholarship with Swindon is amazing. It’s crazy to think about it. I’m only a kid from Andover and it’s been a dream since I was little.”

Amir worked with Andover Leisure Centre’s Al Darmanin on a programme to improve his stamina and fitness, following a special three month programme of high intensity exercise and interval training, supplemented by swimming or longer distance running.

“They were brilliant at the leisure centre,” said Amir. “My stamina went through the roof.”

His main fitness trainer was delighted with the results too: “We’re very proud of what Amir has achieved and we’re delighted that we could help. He had a goal, sought out the right help and worked hard. We’re sure this is just the start of something really great,” said Al.

For more information on other specific training plans call Andover Leisure Centre on 01264 347100.

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